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Eggs by the glass – Recipe, cooking time and tips

23 mayo, 2021

The egg to the glass is characterized by being an undercooked egg, although not as much as the soft-boiled egg. The egg is a very beneficial and versatile protein that allows us to make exquisite preparations and eat it in different ways, which is why there are different types of cooking eggs. One of these ways of eating this food is the popular egg cup, which is ideal to use for breakfast, in soups and stews. You can serve it in its own shell if you have a support, although the most common is to empty its contents into a cup once it is cooked, season it with salt, pepper and oregano, mix and enjoy spreading toast or crackers.

This recipe is a quick and easy option for breakfast, with a good source of protein and vitamins, so it is also perfect for people who practice sports first thing in the morning. It is quite common in restaurants and food establishments, also on the table of many homes. If you are interested in knowing how to make egg to the glass, Keep reading the step by step that we show in Free Recipes!

1 diner
Very low difficulty

Additional characteristics:
Cheap cost, boiled

Ingredients to make Eggs to the glass:

How to make Eggs to the glass:


Wash very carefully the surface of the egg. You can use a soft brush to clean it well.

Eggs in the glass recipe - Step 1


Careful not to burn you, place the egg in a pot of boiling water. Now, how many minutes to make egg to the glass? We recommend that you let it cook for exactly 5 minutes so that the clear curd and the liquid yolk remain.

Eggs in the glass recipe - Step 2


Before taking it out, prepare a container with cold water and ice. Once the 5 minutes have passed, immerse the egg for a few seconds in the ice water. This will allow to cut the cooking and prevent the yolk from setting.

Eggs in the glass recipe - Step 3


With a silverware, tap the thinnest part of the egg to hatch enough to remove only the top.

Eggs in the glass recipe - Step 4


You can garnish with a pinch of salt, pepper and oregano, stir the interior and enjoy with the accompaniment that you like the most. Remember that the recipe for eggs to the glass It is also characterized by pouring the inside into a glass, mug or cup and eating it with toast. You can try to make these recipes of homemade bread or sliced ​​bread.

Eggs in the glass recipe - Step 5

Eggs to the glass – Properties

The egg has a lot of vitamins like folic acid and B12, minerals as selenium, zinc and iron, and the best of all that is provides very few calories to our body. The best ways to consume it are those that have little or no oil in their preparation, such as this rich egg-to-the-glass recipe. In addition, we must not forget the large amount of protein found in this food.

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