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EGGS MOLLET – Recipe and cooking time

23 mayo, 2021

There are different techniques for cooking shell eggs and the mollet eggs that we present below are one of the most popular. These eggs differ from soft-boiled eggs because the white is much more cooked, although without reaching the doneness present in typical hard-boiled eggs. Of course, so that these eggs are just cooked, it is very important that they are at room temperature before cooking, so that you remove them from the refrigerator well in advance.

Mollet eggs are normally eaten during breakfast, but the truth is that they can also be eaten for dinner or as an accompaniment to meat, fish or vegetables. So, if you want to give your children something healthy and with extra vitamins, don’t hesitate and try preparing delicious eggs in just 5 minutes, although the final cooking time may vary depending on the size of the egg. Keep reading and discover in Free Recipes how to make mollet eggs.

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Ingredients to make Mollet Eggs:

How to make Mollet Eggs:


Dissolve the salt in a saucepan with water and put it to heat. This will help the eggshell come out more easily when you peel them. Also, prepare a container with cold water or ice cubes.

Mollet Eggs Recipe - Step 1


When you see that the water is boiling hot, insert the eggs being careful not to break the shell. To do this, use a spoon or a saucepan to deposit them.

Trick: Remember that the eggs should be at room temperature, so you should have taken them out of the fridge about 3 hours before.

Mollet Eggs Recipe - Step 2


Set a timer to have the mollet eggs cook 5 minutes exactly, Not one more. Respecting the cooking time of the mollet eggs is the most important thing so that they come out with the white curd and the creamy yolk, just right. After this time, immediately put the eggs in the container with the cold water or the ice cubes to stop cooking.

If you don’t have L eggs, here are the cooking times for mollet eggs in other sizes:

  • Egg S: 4 minutes
  • Egg M: 4-5 minutes
  • Egg L: 5 minutes
Mollet Eggs Recipe - Step 3


Peeling this type of eggs is a bit more complicated because they are not fully cooked, although the white is more cooked than with other culinary techniques. However, you can always serve them in an egg cup to prevent the yolk from falling. The mollet eggs recipe It can be taken in many ways, on toast spread with tomato, with a little oil and salt, with a little pepper … If you liked this recipe, don’t miss the poached eggs recipe.

Mollet Eggs Recipe - Step 4

Mollet eggs – Side dishes and recommendations

As we said at the beginning, there are different ways to prepare eggs and all of them vary depending on the cooking time. This type can also be altered within the same recipe due to the size of the eggs, since it will not take as long to make a small egg as a very large one. Of course, never let the eggs cook for more than 5 minutes because then the yolk will curdle and they will no longer be mollet eggs. Likewise, leaving them for less time than indicated may mean that the white does not set and, therefore, the result is soft-boiled eggs.

The mollet egg is also very common in japanese cuisine, since we often see it present in traditional ramen. On the other hand, it can be served with mashed potatoes, grilled zucchini or any other vegetable you like.