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Scrambled eggs with Wild Asparagus – EASY and Quick Recipe

23 mayo, 2021

We are going to prepare a wild asparagus scramble, a very simple dish to make and that is very good. Although it is a quick dish and it has very few ingredients, in order for it to come out well, you have to use good products and give it just the right amount of salt when stirred.

It is advisable to take advantage of the seasons of each food to enjoy all its properties, since it is at this time of the year when we find them of the best quality. Wild asparagus has many benefits, including its high content of vitamin A, antioxidants, vitamin C and E, and fiber. In addition, they are very low in calories, so it becomes a suitable vegetable for people who are dieting to lose weight. These asparagus can be consumed in many ways, we can make them cooked, grilled, in an omelette or scrambled, as in this recipe that we propose. If you love asparagus, now is the time to eat them in all their splendor, so read on to discover in Free Recipes how to make wild asparagus scramble.

2 diners
Very low difficulty

Additional characteristics:
Cheap cost, stir fry

Ingredients to make Scrambled eggs with wild asparagus:

How to make Scrambled eggs with wild asparagus:


Prepare the ingredients in advance to make the wild asparagus scramble faster. It should be noted that wild asparagus are those that grow wild, while green ones are called “cultivated”. Therefore, if it is not asparagus season, you can make this scramble with green asparagus without problems.

Wild Asparagus Scramble Recipe - Step 1


Wash the asparagus well, pat them dry with kitchen paper and cut off the hardest part.

Wild Asparagus Scramble Recipe - Step 2


Cut off the tips of the asparagus and separate them. The rest, cut it into similar pieces. If they are not very big it will not be necessary to make so many pieces, but if the asparagus are very fat it is better to cut them in half and then into pieces so that they are cooked correctly.

Wild Asparagus Scramble Recipe - Step 3


Heat a frying pan with a jet of oil over medium heat, add the wild asparagus and sauté for 5 minutes ensuring that they do not burn. They must be tender to be able to make the scrambled eggs.

Wild Asparagus Scramble Recipe - Step 4


While the asparagus is cooking, place the eggs on a plate with a pinch of salt. You can make the wild asparagus scramble in individual portions or prepare a good dish for each one to serve. We are going to opt for individual portions, so now we are going to use two eggs, since we calculate this amount per person.

Wild Asparagus Scramble Recipe - Step 5


When the asparagus are ready, remove half, lower the heat and add the eggs. Stir well and without stopping so that the egg does not set in large pieces. Stir without stopping until the mixture is to your liking. You can leave it moist and juicy or make it more done.

Trick: Remember that you can also make the scrambled eggs with all the ingredients and then serve the dishes.

Wild Asparagus Scramble Recipe - Step 6


Immediately remove the pan from the heat and plate the scrambled eggs. It must be served immediately so that it does not lose heat. As you can see, the wild asparagus scramble recipe it is very simple and fast. You can add more ingredients if you want, such as mushrooms, prawns, ham, and even salmon.

Wild Asparagus Scramble Recipe - Step 7

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Scrambled eggs with wild asparagus – Accompaniments

Scrambled eggs with wild asparagus can be served for dinner as a single dish or during the meal as a starter or side. Therefore, it is ideal to accompany a grilled sirloin, a dish of baked cod with potatoes or some textured soy meatballs.

On the other hand, if you consume it as a dinner, you can make some bread toasts and place the scrambled eggs on top. You will have a delicious and cooked dinner in no time!