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Vegetable Omelette – EASY and LIGHT Recipe

23 mayo, 2021

Vegetable omelette, a rich and simple omelette. In addition, it can be a harvest recipe. The omelette is a traditional dish of our gastronomy, easy and varied that we can prepare at any time and with practically any ingredient, such as sausages, mushrooms, fish … It is ideal for dinner, for a sandwich, as a second course or as a skewer, since in many bars they prepare them as pinchos or tapas.

On this occasion, we are going to make an omelette of varied and useful vegetables, since we can use those vegetables that we have left from other recipes. This tortilla is delicious both hot and cold, so it is also perfect to take to the beach, in a tupperware to work, etc. Keep reading and discover in Free Recipes how to make vegetable omelette.

3 diners
Low difficulty

Additional characteristics:
Cheap cost, In pan

Ingredients to make vegetable omelette:

How to make Vegetable Omelette:


Wash and cut all the vegetables in small squares. Put a frying pan with a splash of oil, add the onion and pumpkin and leave them for 5 minutes to cook. They are the toughest vegetables and need a little more cooking.

Vegetable Omelette Recipe - Step 1


After this time, add the rest of the vegetables and add a little salt. This is a light vegetable omelette that lends itself to multiple variations, so you can add more vegetables to your liking.

Vegetable Omelette Recipe - Step 2


Let the vegetables cook until they are poached and tender. The point will be how you like it more, it can be very made or more al dente. When the vegetables are ready, put them in a colander to drain all the oil.

Vegetable Omelette Recipe - Step 3


In a bowl, put the eggs and whites and beat well. Remember that the whites are optional, so you can make the vegetable omelette without them. Add the vegetables and mix well with the eggs.

Trick: The whites allow the omelette to be fluffier. You could add potatoes if you want.

Vegetable Omelette Recipe - Step 4


Put a pan with a little oil and pour all the mixture of the vegetable omelette. Cook it over medium heat so that it sets little by little. When you see that the sides begin to curdle, turn the tortilla with the help of a plate.

Vegetable Omelette Recipe - Step 5


Let it finish curdling and that’s it. If you like it to be very juicy and undercooked, once you turn it it only needs a couple of minutes. If you like it better done, you should have it a little more and even turn it around so that it is done well all over. Enjoy this vegetable omelette recipe for kids and adults.

Vegetable Omelette Recipe - Step 6

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Vegetable Omelette – Calories and Sides

100 grams of vegetable omelette have, approximately, 150 calories. Depending on the time of day in which you serve the vegetable omelette, you will have to choose some accompaniments or others. If it is for lunch or dinner, you can accompany this omelette with boiled rice, pasta, baked potatoes or any source of carbohydrates. Now, if it is for dinner, we recommend choosing some type of protein, such as Grilled chicken breast, to balance and eat healthy.