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Cake Hake and Prawns

23 mayo, 2021

We are going to prepare a hake and prawn cake, a great and very simple dish, ideal to beat the heat. We can eat this cake cold or warm, accompanied by mayonnaise, tomato sauce, pink sauce or any other that we like, as well as a good salad. Without a doubt, it is a spectacular dish that will allow us to show off if we have guests and present a delicious starter.

It is a very soft cake that we can make with chopped or crushed ingredients, depending on whether we like to find pieces or not. Anyway, it looks very good! Keep reading and learn at Free Recipes how to make hake and prawn pie, You’ll love it!

6 diners
1h 30m
Low difficulty

Additional characteristics:
Cheap Cost, Popular in Spring-Summer, Baked Recipes

Ingredients to make Hake and prawn cake:

How to make Hake and Prawn Cake:


Turn the oven to 180 ºC with heat up and down. Cook the prawns, peel them and cut them into pieces. The hake can be put in the microwave for a minute to cook it a little or pass it through the pan for a couple of minutes, remove the skin and bones that it has and chop it. For this recipe you can use frozen hake.

Hake and Prawn Cake Recipe - Step 1


Beat the eggs and cream in a bowl, add the fried tomato and mix again. You can also make the hake and prawn cake with crushed natural tomato.

Trick: To make the hake and prawn cake without cream, you could use milk or even a little water from the prawn cooking.

Hake and Prawn Cake Recipe - Step 2


Add the hake and prawns to the mixture chopped, stir and mix. At this time you can grind all the ingredients if you don’t want to find any bits.

Hake and Prawn Cake Recipe - Step 3


Prepare a baking dish and line it with parchment paper. Pour all the mixture, Place the mold in a larger one to cook the cake in a bain-marie.

Hake and Prawn Cake Recipe - Step 4


Add water to the plate until it covers one finger of the pan. Bake the hake and prawn cake for 50-60 minutes or until done. The time may vary depending on the oven. You will know that it is done by poking the cake with a toothpick in the center. If you see that the cake is not cooked on the inside and that the top is getting too toasted, cover it with a little aluminum foil, so it will finish cooking without burning the top.

Trick: To make the hake and prawn cake without an oven, you must cook it in the microwave by introducing a glass with a little water.

Hake and Prawn Cake Recipe - Step 5


When you click with a toothpick in the center of the cake and it comes out dry, turn off the oven and leave it inside for about 10 minutes. Take it out, let it cool and unmold it carefully.

Hake and Prawn Cake Recipe - Step 6


If you want to serve your hake and prawn cake cold, put it in the fridge. When you go to serve it, put it in a bowl accompanied by some peeled prawns and a little salad. You can also serve the cake with homemade mayonnaise or tomato sauce. Warm or hot it is also delicious, but for this option we recommend accompanying it with tomato sauce. Go ahead and prepare this delicious prawn and hake pie recipe And do not forget to leave your comment.

Hake and Prawn Cake Recipe - Step 7

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More ideas to accompany the hake and prawn cake

We have commented that you can serve your prawn and hake cake with salad, but what kind of salad? We recommend the following:

In addition, it is also a good option to accompany this dish with boiled rice or with vegetable roasting.