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Homemade Hake Sticks – 2 QUICK and EASY Recipes

21 mayo, 2021

Fish is, among meats, the one with the least amount of fat. In addition, its fats contain positive effects for our health, since they not only help prevent cardiovascular diseases, but if we already have a disease, it helps us to go through it with fewer complications.

If you already have an established disease, we recommend replacing the flour with breadcrumbs and cooking the fish in the oven. If you eat healthily on a regular basis, you can easily try this recipe for seafood breaded fish in the form of sticks. It is also a tempting way to incorporate fish into children’s diets. For all this, keep reading and discover how to make hake sticks in Free Recipes. Do not forget to tell us how you think about them.

3 diners
Main dish
Low difficulty

Additional characteristics:
Medium cost, Fried

Ingredients to make hake sticks:

How to make Hake sticks:


Cut the hake into sticks of similar size so that their cooking is even. We recommend selecting fish such as hake or sole that are plump and hold their shape when cooked.

Hake Sticks Recipe - Step 1


In a large container, mix the flour, egg and seasonings. Pour the hake sticks into it, marinate them for a few minutes to give them flavor and spread them well with the preparation.

If you want, you can replace the egg and flour mixture with a classic breaded batter, passing the sticks first through flour, then through beaten egg, and finally through breadcrumbs with seeds. In this way, they will be much crispier.

Trick: If the mixture is not creamy, you can add a little water, soda or milk.

Hake Sticks Recipe - Step 2


Cook your hake sticks in a frying pan with hot oil. Keep in mind not to add many sticks at the same time so as not to lower the temperature of the oil. At the end of the recipe you can read other recommendations regarding frying.

Trick: You can bake the hake sticks by cooking them at 180ºC for 15-20 minutes, or until done.

Hake Sticks Recipe - Step 3


Reserve the hake sticks on a plate with absorbent paper to remove excess fat and that’s it. You can now enjoy this delight. This is how the first batter looks.

Hake Sticks Recipe - Step 4


If you finally opted for the second batter, the homemade hake sticks they will be as follows. Both options are delicious! Tell us which one is your favorite.

Hake Sticks Recipe - Step 5

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Tips for cooking the hake sticks and sides

You can consume the hake sticks as a main dish, accompanied by a fresh salad, but you can also offer them as input with sauces, for example, spicy tomato or garlic mayonnaise. In this case, we recommend you complete the entry with other seafood or fried products that accompany wonderfully: squid, fried potatoes, garlic prawns, fried cornalitos, etc.

Keep in mind when cooking that the oil has just the right heat: it will make small bubbles around the sticks.

  • If it’s cold, it won’t bubble – remove the sticks and try again in a few seconds.
  • If it is too hot, it will make a white foam: run the pan off the heat for a few seconds or add more sticks to lower the temperature.
  • If it is burned, it will do the same with your sticks and, in addition, you will see black smoke: you will have to get rid of that oil as it is harmful to your health.

If you want to make a healthier frying, the food must be completely covered by new oil, avoiding reusing it. This will make it absorb less fat.

Did you know these tips when it comes to frying? Tell us if you try this dish