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How to make marmitako de bonito

23 mayo, 2021

Marmitako Bonito, a stew with potatoes typical of Spanish gastronomy. Although with the arrival of the heat it seems that preparing stews are not so appealing, the truth is that it is the best time to make recipes with this fish, since it is its best season.

Marmitako is a fisherman’s stew originating from Asturian, Basque and Cantabrian cuisine. It is simple to make, but it takes time, since it is a stew that is cooked over low heat to make a delicious sauce. Bonito is a blue fish that has a very soft flesh and is whiter than tuna, it is a delight and can be prepared in many ways, such as garlic, grilled, with tomato …, or as we show you here . Stay in Free Recipes and discover with us how to make marmitako de bonito.

4 diners
Main dish
Medium difficulty

Ingredients to make Marmitako de bonito:

How to make Marmitako de bonito:


Clean the fish removing the thorns and skin. With the bones, prepare a fish broth, so the marmitako de bonito will be totally homemade. Cut the bonito into medium pieces, put a saucepan with a good jet of oil over medium-high heat, pass the pieces of bonito through the flour and brown them. Take them out and set them aside.

Tuna Marmitako Recipe - Step 1


Prepare the vegetables, so that he cuts the onion, chops the garlic, wash and cut the chunks of peppers very small.

Tuna Marmitako Recipe - Step 2


Add to the same casserole where you cooked the bonito onion and garlic, lower the heat a little and brown these ingredients for a couple of minutes. Then, incorporate peppers and let it cook over medium heat.

Tuna Marmitako Recipe - Step 3


When everything is poached, add the tomato, stir, let it cook for a couple of minutes and add the sweet paprika. If you prefer, you can add hot paprika. Stir and continue cooking the bottom for the tuna marmitako.

Tuna Marmitako Recipe - Step 4


Before the paprika burns, pour the white wine and cook 3 minutes for the alcohol to evaporate.

Tuna Marmitako Recipe - Step 5


Peel and cut the potatoes, add them to the casserole and stir to mix all the flavors of the recipe.

Bonito Marmitako Recipe - Step 6


Pour in the fish broth so that it completely covers the potatoes. You can add water if you don’t have enough broth. Add a little salt and cook the tuna marmitako over low heat until the potatoes are cooked. If you see that you need more broth or water, add it.

Tuna Marmitako Recipe - Step 7


When you see that the stew is well done, taste the salt and rectify. Add the pieces of bonito, let it cook together for 2 minutes and turn off the heat.

Bonito Marmitako Recipe - Step 8


Let the stew rest for about 10 minutes and it will be ready to eat. Is tuna marmitako recipe It is spectacular for its incredible flavor and texture. Without a doubt, it is a perfect dish to regain strength while enjoying a good meal.

Bonito Marmitako Recipe - Step 9

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With what to accompany the marmitako de bonito

The tuna marmitako is already a fairly complete dish, so you could do without the accompaniments perfectly. Now, if there is something that cannot be missing, it is bread for the sauce, so do not hesitate to consult How to make homemade bread.

On the other hand, if you want to prepare a simple appetizer Before serving the main course, the home-made tuna marmitako, then we recommend the following options: