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Roman hake – Easy recipe, calories and garnishes

23 mayo, 2021

The hake roman it is a very easy way to cook this type of fish. The key to the recipe is that the fish is fresh, of good quality and that you season it well. Simply, you must make a mixture with egg, flour and water to coat them in it and fry them.

The result will be a battered hake delicious with a light golden crust on the outside and a very tender and juicy interior. Make a quick, easy lunch and discover how to make hake roman perfect in a few minutes.

4 diners
Low difficulty

Ingredients to make Hake Roman:

How to make Hake Roman:


To start preparing the fried hake, wash the hake fillets. Dry them and arrange them on a platter. Salt and pepper and take to the fridge.

Trick: You can add other seasonings that you like such as paprika or Provencal herbs.

Hake Roman Recipe - Step 1


Now, prepare the mixture to coat the hake. Place the eggs, salt, pepper and parsley in a bowl. Beat lightly.

Roman Hake Recipe - Step 2


Add the flour to the previous mixture and mix it with a whisk. Then, add the cold water little by little and continue mixing until you achieve a pancake-like mix.

Hake Roman Recipe - Step 3


Put plenty of oil to heat in a pan over medium heat. Pass the hake fillets through the mixture and drain well.

Hake Roman Recipe - Step 4


Immediately after passing them through the mixture, put the battered hake in the hot oil. Brown on both sides.

Roman Hake Recipe - Step 5


When you take the hake out of the oil, place it on absorbent paper. Serve it and enjoy its crunchy texture and juicy flavor.

Hake Roman Recipe - Step 6

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Roman hake with garnish – Suggestions and other recipes

There are many ways to accompany battered meat recipes. For example, you can enjoy this Roman hake with a side of a well-seasoned green salad, with these healthy oil-free baked potato chips, with an easy mashed potatoes, or with white rice.

Despite being fried, this recipe is not excessively caloric. The calories in Roman hake are around 120 calories per 100 g, although it will always depend on the ingredients you use. If you want to make it even healthier and lighter, you can prepare this baked hake recipe with a drizzle of oil and covering it with an aluminum foil on the source. You only have to leave it for 30 minutes to cook well and, although it will not come out as crunchy, it will be just as delicious!