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Salmon in green sauce – EASY step-by-step recipe

21 mayo, 2021

Green sauce is a very traditional type of sauce for white fish such as hake. On this occasion, in Free Recipes we are going to use a blue fish to prepare this healthy recipe ideal for a dinner or a light meal. It’s about salmon in green sauce.

Salmon is a very healthy fish, very rich in fatty acids and proteins and it is also very versatile in the kitchen; there are many recipes with different types of cooking and all of them with a wonderful result. That said, preparing this recipe is going to be very easy and appetizing. You want to see how to make salmon in green sauce Step by Step? Well, let’s go with the recipe!

2 diners
Low difficulty

Additional characteristics:
Medium cost, Stew

Ingredients to make Salmon in green sauce:

How to make Salmon in green sauce:


Cut the salmon into loins rectangular. In a pot, heat the olive oil and seal the fish for a few seconds on each side. Save it for later.

Salmon Recipe in Green Sauce - Step 1


In the same pot, add the chopped onion and cook it a few minutes until it starts to brown. Then add the sliced ​​garlic and cook it for 1 minute.

Salmon Recipe in Green Sauce - Step 2


Add a tablespoon of wheat flour and cook it for a few minutes to avoid that the salmon in green sauce taste like raw flour.

Salmon in green sauce recipe - Step 3


Pour the white wine and stir very well so that it integrates with the flour. Cook for a few seconds so that the alcohol evaporates and add the glass of water. Keep stirring well and you will notice that the sauce begins to thicken. If necessary, add a little more water. Season to taste.

You can use vegetable or fish broth to add more flavor to the green sauce.

Salmon Recipe in Green Sauce - Step 4


Wash the parsley well and chop it very delicate. Add it to the sauce and mix well. You will see that the tonality of the sauce turns greenish, that means that it will be ready.

Trick: You can also make salmon in green sauce with clams and prawns by adding these ingredients.

Salmon Recipe in Green Sauce - Step 5


By last, add the salmon to the sauce that you had reserved previously and let it cook everything together for approximately 8 to 10 minutes, or until the fish is cooked.

Salmon Recipe in Green Sauce - Step 6


Boil the egg 10 minutes in boiling water. Cool it, peel it and cut it into quarters. In this video you will find the times to cook eggs depending on how you want them to be done:


Put the salmon in a bowl and cover it with the green sauce. Decorate with the hard-boiled egg and to enjoy this rich and healthy plate of blue fish. Enjoy your meal!

Salmon in Green Sauce Recipe - Step 8

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With what to accompany the salmon in green sauce

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Remember that it is very important to consume oily fish regularly in your diet. Do not forget!