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Beans with Mazamorra – Easy Chilean Recipe!

22 mayo, 2021

Corn is the main ingredient in many Chilean meals in the summer. For this reason, apart from the humitas and the corn cake, we can prepare this recipe for beans with mazamorra. These beans are one of the favorite recipes for Chileans, because in addition to using seasonal vegetables, it is a great filling and very rich dish even for the little ones.

Although making them takes time, it is well worth it, as it is a dish that feels very good and has a lot of flavor. If you want to discover how to make beans with mazamorraIn RecetasGratis we teach you the step by step to make it delicious. Go!

4 diners
1h 30m
Medium difficulty

Additional characteristics:
Cheap cost, Popular in Spring-Summer, Chilean Recipes

Ingredients to make Porotos con mazamorra:

How to make beans with mazamorra:


Keep in mind that most legumes should be soaked the day before they are prepared. Then, strain the soaked beans, wash them well and leave them in a pot over high heat and submerged in water for about 20 minutes. Once they are soft, strain the beans and reserve the water to make the porridge.

Recipe of Beans with mazamorra - Step 1


In the same pot where you made the beans, heat a drizzle of oil and add the onion with the colored chili pepper, garlic and oregano. Sauté for a few seconds over low heat until the onion is soft.

Recipe of Beans with mazamorra - Step 2


Cut the pumpkin and add it to the sauce. Stir and cook well for about 10 minutes.

Beans with mazamorra recipe - Step 3


In the processor or blender you must grind the corn and the basil. To do this, help yourself with the reserved water from the cooked beans. With salt to taste and a pinch of pepper, begin to process the corn kernels.

Trick: Some people prefer to grate the corn directly and skip the processing step.

Recipe of Beans with mazamorra - Step 4


Once you have the corn paste ready, Add it to the onion and squash sauce. It should not be very processed, since the idea is that it is similar to a polenta. Keep in mind that when you cook it, it will dry out, so you can add more of the reserved water from the beans.

Beans with mazamorra recipe - Step 5


You can serve immediately or reserve your beans with mazamorra in a glass container for another occasion. It is also a good option to make this dish for your week’s lunch, since you can freeze it for about 3 to 4 weeks.

Recipe of Beans with mazamorra - Step 6

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Beans with mazamorra and other recipes

In Chile there is a popular saying that states that pomegranate beans with mazamorra It is a dish only suitable for those who are on vacation and can afford to take a good nap after lunch. We assure you that with a good portion of this recipe you will satisfy your appetite no matter how big it is.

This recipe uses a very traditional chili pepper from Chilean cuisine: the colored chili. If you don’t have it at home, don’t worry, you can prepare it by mixing 1 cup of butter, 1 tablespoon of sweet pepper, 1 tablespoon of merkén and 2 cloves of garlic. Cook everything together for 2 minutes and voila!

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