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Chickpeas with Chard – EASY, Quick and LIGHT Recipe

23 mayo, 2021

The chickpeas with chard recipe It is a very complete, simple and nutritious spoon dish that can be prepared from one day to the next without any problem. This preparation is very common in Spain, being the chickpea stew with chard from Cádiz the most popular, although the truth is that this dish can be found practically all over the world.

In each region it can be prepared in different ways, however, at RecetasGratis we share the basic recipe for chickpeas with chard to learn how to prepare a light and healthy dish. To save some time, we recommend using canned chickpeas, which are already cooked, or boiling the chickpeas in advance. With that said, let’s see how to make chickpeas with chard, a plate of legumes that we can prepare for the whole family.

4 diners
Main dish
Low difficulty

Ingredients to make Chickpeas with Swiss chard:

How to make Chickpeas with Swiss chard:


Put a saucepan over medium heat with a splash of oil. Cut the garlic into slices and a few slices of bread from the day before. Once the oil is hot, sauté the garlic and bread. When the garlic takes on a little color, take it out and put it in a bowl. Also remove the bread when it is toasted.

Chickpea Recipe with Swiss Chard - Step 1


In the same pan, add a little more oil, sweet paprika and crushed tomato immediately so that the paprika does not burn. Let the tomato cook for 5 minutes over medium heat.

Chickpea Recipe with Swiss Chard - Step 2


Place the tomato with the paprika, garlic and bread in a container and grind these ingredients. This sauce will be the one that will flavor the recipe for chickpeas with chard, so you can add more spices if you wish.

Chickpea Recipe with Swiss Chard - Step 3


Add the sauce to the casserole, add the cooked chickpeas and chard previously cut and washed. Cover the preparation with a little more water or vegetable broth and let the stew cook for 10 minutes over medium-low heat.

Chickpea Recipe with Swiss Chard - Step 4


After this time, salt test, rectify if necessary and turn off the fire.

Chickpea Recipe with Swiss Chard - Step 5


And ready to eat! Is chickpeas with chard recipe it is very easy, fast and nutritious. Without a doubt, it is a good spoon dish that can help us regain energy or regulate body temperature during the cold months.

Chickpea Recipe with Swiss Chard - Step 6

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Swiss chard with chickpeas – Side dishes and variants

The chickpea stew with chard can be accompanied with white rice or with some kind of protein, such as grilled chicken, fish, pork loin … Since the recipe we have learned to prepare is a dish of chickpeas with light chard, a good way to choose one or the other accompaniment is to guide ourselves, precisely, by the value nutritional and caloric intake. In this way, to maintain a healthy menu it is convenient to opt for those equally healthy side dishes or main courses.

Variants of chickpea stew with chard

On the other hand, there are many variants that exist of this humble and popular dish. For example, there are those who add chickpea stew with chard chorizo, potatoes, blood sausage, hard-boiled egg or cod. Don’t miss this recipe: “Chickpea stew with chard and cod”.

In addition, it is common to substitute chard for spinach, obtaining a chickpea stew with spinach and cod, chorizo ​​or whatever ingredient you want to add.