Chickpeas with vegetables – Quick recipe with express pot

Chickpeas, like most legumes, fit perfectly with all kinds of ingredients and are extremely versatile, as they lend themselves to practically any preparation. However, when healthy and balanced recipes It is about, that of chickpeas with vegetables is one of the best, since it provides the necessary energy to face the day thanks to carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

For the preparation of this recipe for chickpea stew with vegetables we have opted for pot chickpeas, since it is much faster to make. However, if you prefer to use dried chickpeas, we recommend soaking them the night before and draining them the next day. Likewise, we have used the quick cooker. Keep reading to discover all the secrets we share in Free Recipes and learn how to make chickpeas with vegetables.

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Ingredients to make quick chickpeas with vegetables:

How to make quick chickpeas with vegetables:


We chop all the vegetables in advance trying not to make too small pieces in the case of onion and leek, and not too big in the case of pepper, carrot and zucchini.

Quick Chickpeas with Vegetables Recipe - Step 1


We started to prepare the vegetable stir-fry cooking the onion and leek in about two tablespoons of hot olive oil.

Quick Chickpeas with Vegetables Recipe - Step 2


We add the pepper and the carrot when the onion starts to turn transparent. We cook at all times with the pressure cooker over medium heat.

Quick Chickpeas with Vegetables Recipe - Step 3


Once the above ingredients start to get soft, add the zucchini and salt to taste. If we see it necessary, we can add one more tablespoon of oil. We have not incorporated more vegetables, but if you want you can add a chopped tomato at this point, which will give a touch of flavor to the chickpeas with exquisite vegetables.

Quick Chickpeas with Vegetables Recipe - Step 4


Cook a few more minutes and we pour the vegetable broth until the ingredients are covered. We do not add more liquid because we are going to crush the sauce, however, if you like more to make the chickpea stew with whole vegetables, in the next step we will explain what to do.

Quick Chickpeas with Vegetables Recipe - Step 5


When the vegetables are done, we crush all the sofrito and we put it back in the pot. In case you do not want to grind, we simply leave the ingredients to cook for about 5 minutes with the broth and go to the next step.

Quick Chickpeas with Vegetables Recipe - Step 6


Add the peeled and cut potato in cubes of the same size. We also incorporate the chickpeas and we mix. We continue cooking over medium heat. Even if you have not mashed the sauce, this step and the next should be the same.

Quick Chickpeas with Vegetables Recipe - Step 7


We sprinkle the spices to taste, we place the bay leaf and pour a little more of the vegetable broth, until the chickpeas are covered. We cover the pressure cooker and let it cook for about 15 minutes. We have used a pressure cooker, if your pressure cooker is a traditional one, you may have to add a few more minutes to cooking.

Trick: If you have used dried chickpeas, you should cook them without the potato for about 20 minutes with the pot covered and having added the liquid to cover them. Then you can add the potato.

Quick Chickpeas with Vegetables Recipe - Step 8


After time, we wait for the pot to expel the air and carefully uncover it. If we want the chickpea recipe with vegetables It is thicker, we leave the pot over low heat for another 5 minutes. And ready! As you can see, making a chickpea stew in an express pot is very easy and fast. We can accompany this dish with a tomato salad, especially if we have not used this ingredient.

Quick Chickpeas with Vegetables Recipe - Step 9

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Chickpea stew with vegetables – TRICKS AND TIMES

As you have already seen, we have made the recipe for chickpeas with vegetables in an express or quick pot, however, if you prefer use a traditional pot, follow these tips:

  1. Make the sauce in the same way, cooking the onion and leek first and then the rest of the vegetables.
  2. Pour in a little vegetable stock, bring to a boil, and at this point, mash and pour back into the pot or add the chickpeas directly. If they are not from a boat, also add the potato and let it cook over medium-low heat, adding more broth to cover everything completely, for at least an hour and a half. Go testing the chickpeas with vegetables to see if they are ready.
  3. If the chickpeas are canned, one hour of cooking may be enough but, again, check that everything is well cooked.

Once the traditional method is explained, let’s go with some tricks:

  • Blend the sofrito It is a trick that allows the little ones to eat this chickpea stew with vegetables so beneficial for their growth. You could even mash the entire preparation, although the result will be more of a chickpea puree.
  • Using homemade vegetable broth It is a trick that not only allows us to save money, but also greatly improves the flavor of the recipe.
  • If we do not have broth, we can replace it with water. In this case, we can add flavor by adding half a pill of chicken consommé (type avecrem), if we do not follow a vegetarian diet, or vegetables.
  • The spices help enhance the flavor of the stew, so don’t be afraid to experiment and add the ones you like best. Of course, we recommend testing so as not to go overboard with the amount.
  • Using cooked chickpeas It saves a lot of time, being a perfect trick for those who cannot spend so much time in the kitchen. Now, if you have enough time, dried chickpeas are tastier.

Now, we make a summary of the cooking times of the recipe for chickpeas with vegetables in an express pot:

  • Sofrito time: 30 minutes approx.
  • Chickpea and potato time: 15 minutes approx., Plus 5 more minutes with the pot uncovered.
  • Total time of the recipe: 45-50 minutes.

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