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Lentils with Swiss Chard – Easy and HEALTHY Recipe

21 mayo, 2021

Lentils with Swiss chard, a rich and very healthy stew. Legumes are very good and healthy, so it is recommended to eat once or twice a week. They can be cooked in many ways, with vegetables, fish or meat. We are used to the typical stew of beans, chickpeas or lentils, where you put chorizo, bacon, rib …, but the truth is that you can also make lighter stews with chicken, ham, vegetables and even fish. We can vary and make them different, for all tastes!

On this occasion, we are going to prepare a recipe for lentils with chard, a very varied and nutritious dish with vegetables. It is a good option to eat vegetables and it is also worth taking to work, since they can be made from one day to the next. This is a very complete and light recipe, low in fat and nutritious. Learn in Free Recipes how to make lentils with chard and enjoy all its benefits.

4 diners
Main dish
Low difficulty

Ingredients to make Lentils with Swiss chard:

How to make Lentils with Swiss chard:


Wash the vegetables, cut the carrot into chunks and add to the pot. Cut the pepper in 2-3 pieces, tomato in half, peel and cut the onion also in half and add all these ingredients to the pot. Peel the garlic and add them whole, add the fried tomato and a good jet of oil. Light the fire and sauté everything together for a few minutes.

Trick: You can substitute the fried tomato for crushed natural tomato if you want to make your lentils with chard even lighter.

Lentils Recipe with Swiss Chard - Step 1


Wash the lentils pardinas under tap water. This is a type of lentil that does not need soaking, although if you like cooking to be faster, you can put it for a few hours. This brown lentil that we have used is small.

Lentils with Swiss Chard Recipe - Step 2


Once you have sautéed all the vegetables for a few minutes, lower the heat a little, add the tablespoon of paprika, stir and, before the paprika burns, pour cold water. Add the lentils With the cold water and the bay leaf, fill the pot with water and let everything cook over low heat.

Lentils Recipe with Swiss Chard - Step 3


While the lentils are cooking, wash, remove dirt and strands from chard and cut them into pieces to your liking.

Lentils with Swiss Chard Recipe - Step 4


Halfway through cooking, add the chard to the casserole, taste the salt and rectify if necessary. Let the lentils continue to cook with chard until the lentils are tender. Depending on the lentils, it may take longer, but in general, the brown lentils usually need one hour of simmering. If you have a quick cooker, in 15-20 minutes you will have the lentils ready.

Lentils with Swiss Chard Recipe - Step 5


Serves immediately to enjoy the recipe for lentils with chard and vegetables hot, although warm and even cold is good too. This is a plate full of vitamins, minerals and fiber, perfect for the whole family and any time of the year. In addition, it is very healthy. In case of following a diet to lose weight you will simply have to substitute the fried tomato for natural tomato.

Lentils with Swiss Chard Recipe - Step 6

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Lentils with Swiss chard – Accompaniments

If you have made the lentils with chard for diet, we recommend you choose to accompany the dish with wholemeal bread. To do this, we advise you these options:

If you do not follow a diet low in calories or carbohydrates, then you can make homemade bread by following the recommendations in this article: “How to make homemade bread”.

On the other hand, there are other accompaniments that also fit perfectly with this dish, such as baked potatoes, an avocado and mango salad or tuna ceviche.