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WIDOWS LENTILS – EASY Recipe and Calories

23 mayo, 2021

Widowed lentils, an easy-to-make and delicious spoon stew. It is known by this name because it does not contain any meat, only vegetables and, in some cases, potatoes. Therefore, we can also say that it is a very healthy vegetable dish, since it does not contain any fat. When cooking this lentil dish we can choose the vegetables that we like the most. Of course, to enhance the flavor we recommend preparing a sauce and adding it to the stew, that is, in fact, how our grandmothers did it.

If you like the idea of ​​learning how to prepare this dish so low in fat and calories, but highly nutritious and tasty, stay at Free Recipes and discover how to make widow lentils. Remember that, if you want, you can add potatoes to cook with the lentils.

4 diners
Main dish
Low difficulty

Additional characteristics:
Cheap cost, Stew

Ingredients to make Widow Lentils:

How to make Widow Lentils:


Wash the lentils well in case they have some pebbles or some bad lentils. Drain and reserve.

Trick: To make the widowed lentils faster you can use cooked lentils from the pot.

Widow Lentils Recipe - Step 1


Prepare the vegetables. To do this, cut the carrots (previously peeled) into slices, peel the garlic and leave them whole, cut the pepper into 2-3 pieces and cut the onion in half. Reserve a part of the onion and mash the tomato.

Widow Lentils Recipe - Step 2


Put the lentils in a casserole, half an onion, bay leaves, garlic and pepper. Done this, cover everything with cold water so that the lentils go over about two fingers, as can be seen in the photo. Heat the casserole over high heat and, when it starts to boil, lower the heat to medium and let it cook.

Widow Lentils Recipe - Step 3


While the lentils are cooking prepare the sofrito. To do this, chop the half onion that you had reserved and fry it in a pan with a little hot oil. When you see that it is transparent, add the crushed tomato and let it cook for 4-5 minutes. Add the tablespoon of sweet paprika, remove the pan from the heat and stir everything. This sauce can be put in a bowl together with the onion that you have added to the lentils, some carrots and the pepper and crush it all before adding it to the lentils, so the pieces of vegetables are not noticeable. In addition, this gives a lot of flavor to the stew and has all the vegetables incorporated.

Widow Lentils Recipe - Step 4


Add a little water to the sauce and stir well. Taste the lentils and if you see that they are almost ready add the sofrito, mix and let the widowed lentils finish cooking and take on the flavors of the sauce.

Widow Lentils Recipe - Step 5


Salt test, rectify and voila. The cooking time total may vary depending on the lentil, we have had them 45 minutes in a conventional pot, but sometimes they need a little more. It is best to try until the lentil is tender. Likewise, you can make the widow lentils in a quick cooker taking into account that the approximate time is 20 minutes. Serves the widow lentil recipe and enjoy this hot dish.

Widow Lentils Recipe - Step 6

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Widow Lentils – Calories and Side

The calories in widowed lentils vary depending on the amount of oil used in the sauce, as well as the total amount of vegetables used. However, in an approximate way we can say that 100 grams contain about 190-200 calories, taking into account the preparation of the sauce.

To continue in line with a healthy diet, we recommend accompanying the widowed lentil stew with homemade whole wheat bread, such as flaxseed bread, and preparing some type of grilled protein second, but low in fat, such as chicken breast a grilled, grilled sea bass or a quinoa burger.