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Goulash with spaetzle – ORIGINAL Recipe step by step

21 mayo, 2021

This dish is a classic hungarian stew Accompanied by a pasta similar to small gnocchi, ideal for the cold days that are approaching in the southern hemisphere. Goulash consists of slow cooking a beef or lamb with the same amount of onion. The result is a delicious meat that falls apart, well flavored with the flavor of onion and sweet paprika. Given throughout its cooking, tough meats, such as those with little fat, can be used. In that case, it becomes a moderate calorie dish – if you resist eating just one dish.

Spaetzle are a type of pasta shaped like a drop, for which a kitchen utensil similar to a dull grater and a container that regulates the amount of dough that falls into the boiling water is used. You can also make this homemade utensil by drilling holes in a clean can. The dish is served hot and, if you want, accompanied by a spoonful of heavy cream. Read on to know how to make goulash with spaetzle and delight yourself with this delight.

3 diners
2h 30m
Main dish
Medium difficulty

Additional characteristics:
Medium cost, Recipe without salt, Popular in Fall-Winter, Slightly spicy, Pressure cooker

Ingredients to make Goulash with spaetzle:

How to make Goulash with spaetzle:


Start with the preparation of the goulash, as it takes longer to cook. For it, peel and chop the onion in medium cubes. Also cut the meat.

Trick: the beef square is a type of lean cut belonging to the hind quarter. It is the most used cut for the elaboration of stews.

Goulash recipe with spaetzle - Step 1


Brown the onion in a pressure cooker until not only transparent, but somewhat golden.

Trick: If you don’t have these types of pots, you can use a conventional one. Choose the thickest to withstand the long cooking.

Goulash recipe with spaetzle - Step 2


Remove the onion and brown the meat in the same cooking bottom.

Goulash recipe with spaetzle - Step 3


Once it’s browned, add the onion again along with the wine and paprika that you have chosen. Cover the pressure cooker and once it starts to hiss, turn the heat to low. Cook the goulash for approximately 40 minutes.

Trick: If you do it in a conventional pot, cover it and cook it for 70-80 minutes. You will be able to check throughout the cooking when the meat is soft enough.

Goulash recipe with spaetzle - Step 4


In order to serve your goulash with spaetzle, we are now going to prepare this type of pasta. So, to make the spaetzle, mix the flour with the nutmeg and the egg. Add the water while combining until you get a mixture thicker than that of the pancakes.

Goulash recipe with spaetzle - Step 5


Over a pot of boiling water, dump scoops in the kitchen utensil for spaetzle and slide it from end to end so that the paste falls.

Trick: Remember that if you can’t get this utensil, you can make it by piercing an empty can.

Goulash recipe with spaetzle - Step 6


Cook them until they float and remove them with the help of a slotted spoon.

Trick: cook the spaetzle in batches, without dumping too much batter in the water so that the temperature does not drop.

Goulash recipe with spaetzle - Step 7


Once you have cooked all the dough, you can serve and enjoy the goulash with spaetzle. Do not forget, if you wish, to add 1 tablespoon of heavy cream.

Goulash recipe with spaetzle - Step 8

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Ideas to accompany goulash with spaetzle and other versions

Instead of the spaetzle, you can accompany the goulash with roasted pumpkin, baked potatoes, conventional noodles, polenta or rice. Likewise, it is also totally valid to serve goulash with spaetzle and vegetables, for example.

In the case of spaetzle, they can also be served with German sausage, sauteed vegetables, cream or white sauce and cheese to gratin in the oven.

In my house we usually make this dish for birthdays, lovingly remembering a German friend of the family who taught us how to do it. That’s the beauty of food: teaching, sharing and offering it as a gesture of love, do you agree? If you try this recipe for goulash with spaetzle, please let us know how much you liked it.