Gnocchi without TACC – EASY and delicious recipe

Gnocchi are considered a pasta dish, although they are made differently and their main ingredient is potatoes. On this occasion, we have made them without TACC and without eggs, so they are vegan gnocchi without TACC. And if you are looking for some TACC-free gnocchi without flour, you can substitute cornmeal for pumpkin pulp, spinach, chard or for another type of vegetable, also giving it different color and flavors. Likewise, it should be noted that it is a gnocchi recipe without TACC and without premix.

This is a simple and different recipe without many complications. From RecetasGratis we encourage you to try this recipe suitable for celiacs and for all those who do not want to eat refined or gluten-containing flours. Let’s go for the recipe to discover how to make gnocchi without TACC.

4 diners
1h 30m
Main dish
Low difficulty

Ingredients to make Gnocchi without TACC:

How to make Gnocchi without TACC:


Wash the potatoes well. Put a pot on the fire with water, add them and cook for 30 minutes or until they are tender.

Gnocchi Recipe without TACC - Step 1


Drain from the cooking water and let them warm. Peel the potatoes, chop them and blast them with a fork or a masher.

Gnocchi Recipe without TACC - Step 2


Once the potatoes are well mashed, add the tablespoons of oil, salt and pepper and mix.

Gnocchi Recipe without TACC - Step 3


Now add the flour little by little until you get a uniform dough that is neither too liquid nor too hard. Roll it into a ball. The dough does not have to stick excessively in the hands. You may need to add a little more flour or less, depending on how consistent your dough is or not.

Trick: You can also use TACC-free gnocchi premix in place of the cornmeal.

Gnocchi Recipe without TACC - Step 4


Go taking small portions and give them a slightly elongated shape. With a fork, press each gnocchi a little to make marks that will make the sauce you put on it better grip. This is the simplest and most homemade way to make gnocchi without TACC, or any type of gnocchi.

Gnocchi Recipe without TACC - Step 5


Lightly grease a pan, remove the excess with a paper and brown the gnocchi a little. With this, you will ensure that the gnocchi do not fall apart when cooked.

Gnocchi Recipe without TACC - Step 6


Put plenty of water to heat and, when it boils, incorporates the homemade gnocchi without TACC and let them cook. Keep in mind that they will be right away, so when you see that they rise slightly to the surface, it means that they are ready to be removed with a spatula.

Gnocchi Recipe without TACC - Step 7


Serve the gnocchi without TACC accompanied by your favorite sauce. In our case, we have opted for a Bolognese sauce, but you could also make a carbonara sauce or the one you like the most.

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Gnocchi Recipe without TACC - Step 8

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