How to make seafood FIDEUÁ

Fideuá, a traditional recipe very similar to paella but instead of rice it is made with noodles. To make the original fideuá it is necessary to use thin noodles, which can be of various sizes depending on the dish we make. This time we have used thin noodles from # 2, but the recipe could also be made with noodles from # 1.

Seafood fideuá is a simple dish to prepare, the real secret lies in the broth used to make it. Therefore, it is important to use a good broth, which can be bought if we want it to be even easier or homemade. From RecetasGratis, we encourage you to try to make your own broth and we explain the steps to achieve an excellent result. Stay with us and discover how to make traditional seafood fideuá, easy and delicious.

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Ingredients to make seafood fideuá:

How to make seafood fideuá:


Start to prepare the fish broth. To do this, put a liter and a half of water in a pot, add the fish bones (rooster, hake, monkfish …, whichever you have), add the shells and the heads of the prawns if you want to enhance the flavor, add 2 peeled garlic cloves, the 2 tablespoons of chorizo ​​pepper meat, a few threads of saffron and a little salt. Stir everything and cook for about 20 minutes after it starts to boil. Reservation.

Trick: Remember that to make the fideuá easy you can buy the fish stock already made.

Seafood Fideuá Recipe - Step 1


Besides, cook the mussels with a small glass of water. When they are, strain the broth and add it to the previous pot to get an even tastier broth for fideuá.

Seafood Fideuá Recipe - Step 2


Brush the base of the paella pan with a little oil and heat it over medium heat. Add half of the noodles, brown them carefully so they do not burn, take them out and take the other half of the noodles to do the same. Reserve all the noodles to continue with the original fideuá recipe.

Seafood Fideuá Recipe - Step 3


Prepare the seafood washing the prawns, cleaning the cuttlefish and cutting it into small pieces. Frozen prawns should be completely thawed. If you only use fresh prawns, remember that you can peel half to use the shells and heads for the broth you have on the fire.

Seafood Fideuá Recipe - Step 4


Reheat the paella over medium heat with a splash of oil to sauté the shrimp in the shell. Just cook them round and round and remove.

Seafood Fideuá Recipe - Step 5


Saute the cuttlefish a few seconds and place it on the side of the paella to cook slowly. Add the 2 cloves of minced garlic and, when they start to brown, add the crushed tomato and the fried tomato, stir and cook for a few minutes.

Seafood Fideuá Recipe - Step 6


Stir the sauce from the fideuá to integrate the cuttlefish with the tomato, add the toasted noodles again and mix well.

Seafood Fideuá Recipe - Step 7


Pour in the fish broth (having previously strained to remove bones and shells) so that it completely covers the noodles and a little more. Increase the heat and when it starts to boil lower it again to cook the seafood fideuá over medium heat. Taste salt and rectify if necessary.

Seafood Fideuá Recipe - Step 8


After about 10 minutes, add the shrimp in the shell and the peeled and let the fideuá finish. It should be dry, although if you prefer to make broth seafood fideuá you just have to add a little more broth or water.

Seafood Fideuá Recipe - Step 9


When you see that there is almost no broth left, add the cooked mussels, turn off the heat and let it rest. We recommend covering the fideuá with sheets of newspaper.

To know when the seafood fideuá is ready, you will need to look at the noodles. As the broth dries up, the noodles begin to set, that’s when the fire is extinguished and left to rest.

Seafood Fideuá Recipe - Step 10


The traditional fideuá it is usually served with aioli. You can buy it already made or make it homemade with an electric hand mixer. You just have to beat all the ingredients until the oil emulsifies and the sauce is formed. Here we leave you a video.


And ready! You can serve now original seafood fideuá recipe and delicious. Place the aioli on the table so that each person can add the amount they want and enjoy a totally homemade, traditional and very very tasty dish. If you have finally decided to add some shrimp shells to the broth, you will see that the sauce is much tastier. And if you dare with paella, you can check out this other Seafood Paella Recipe.

Seafood Fideuá Recipe - Step 12

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Fideuá recipe – Accompaniments and recommendations

Once your seafood fideuá recipe is prepared, you can accompany it with a little bread. Of course, we recommend opting for homemade bread, but in the bakery you will also find very good bread. In addition, you can prepare a simple appetizer made from the following dishes:

Remember that you can make your fideuá fast and easy by buying the fish stock already prepared. Of course, we recommend opting for a quality broth so that the sauce is just as delicious.

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