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Prawn Pad Thai – Easy Thai Recipe!

21 mayo, 2021

The prawn pad thai It is a traditional and very popular dish of the thailand cuisine. It is a recipe for rice noodles accompanied by cooked prawns with fish sauce and other vegetables and seasonings. The noodles combine with a wide variety of ingredients and, in this recipe, they are the perfect base for a preparation with a lot of flavor.

Craving Thai food? Prepare it at home by following this easy step by step and discover how to make prawn pad thai to surprise your guests with a dish that will never fail among lovers of sea food and Asian cuisine.

3 diners
1h 30m
Main dish
Medium difficulty

Ingredients to make Prawn Pad thai:

How to make Prawn Pad thai:


To start with this prawn pad thai recipe, hydrate the noodles or noodles following the procedure indicated by the manufacturer. When they have reached their doneness, cut them rinsed and cooling them in cold water to prevent them from continuing to cook. Reserve them.

Prawn Pad Thai Recipe - Step 1


Take one of the limes and grate the peel, squeeze out the juice. Mix with the soy sauce, tamarind sauce, fish sauce and, if you like, grated ginger. Let the mixture rest while you continue with the recipe.

Prawn Pad Thai Recipe - Step 2


Remove the shell from the prawns, leaving the end of the tail; pour a drizzle of olive oil and lightly sauté for a couple of minutes shaking the pan or wok. Remove the prawns and set them aside for later.

Prawn Pad Thai Recipe - Step 3


Cut the tofu into small squares and sauté for another two minutes with a few drops of oil, stirring the wok often so that they brown a little on all sides. Once ready, set aside and reserve for later.

Prawn Pad Thai Recipe - Step 4


Finely chop onion, carrot and pepper. Prepare the wok or a large pan again to accommodate each of the ingredients that you will add next.

Prawn Pad Thai Recipe - Step 5


Pour a few drops of oil into the pan and sauté the vegetables that you cut finely. Keep them on low heat for three minutes so that the vegetables are al dente. Sauté and add the mixture of juices and sauces that you prepared with the lime.

Prawn Pad Thai Recipe - Step 6


Beat the eggs and add them to a corner of the wok so that they are curdled. Stir slightly without completely undoing.

Prawn Pad Thai Recipe - Step 7


Drain the noodles and pour them into the wok joining them with the rest of the ingredients. Add a pinch of salt and stir gently so that the pasta does not fall apart and everything heats up evenly.

Prawn Pad Thai Recipe - Step 8


Chop the coriander not too finely and also chop the peanuts. Squeeze out the remaining lime and add it and the tofu to the wok. Stir so that everything is integrated and let heat for a minute or two more. Now it only remains to add the prawns!

Prawn Pad Thai Recipe - Step 9


Serve the prawn pad thai to the table decorating it with pieces of lime. As you will see, this dish is very light and low in fat, so it is an excellent option for a different meal, very nutritious and satisfying.

Prawn Pad Thai Recipe - Step 10

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