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Spaghetti a la amatriciana – Italian recipe with amatriciana sauce!

23 mayo, 2021

The amatriciana sauce It is a very simple Italian preparation that is enjoyed in spaghetti and other types of pasta. It comes from Amatrice, in the Lazio region, and is made with tomatoes, guanciale, chili and other ingredients. On this occasion, we are going to prepare a spaghetti a la amatriciana recipe or pasta all’amatriciana, as is its name in Italian.

If you do not have guanciale, You can use bacon or bacon, although if you can find it, we recommend that you use it so that you enjoy the authentic flavor of this delicious Italian sauce. Guanciale is a type of bacon made from the pig’s cheek that is left to cure with salt and black pepper for several weeks. Anyway, you will see that whatever way you prepare it, it will be incredible and it will become an excellent option for lunch or dinner. Discover how to make spaghetti a la amatriciana and enjoy!

2 diners
Main dish
Medium difficulty

Ingredients to make Spaghetti a la amatriciana:

How to make Spaghetti a la amatriciana:


Peel the tomatoes and cut them into small cubes. If the tomatoes are not very large, use a couple more so that the sauce is rich.

Spaghetti a la amatriciana Recipe - Step 1


Sauté the bacon and chili. To do this, cut the chili into rings and the bacon into medium pieces. In this way, when the bacon is frying it will fall apart and be smaller. Put a few drops of oil in the pan and sauté without letting it brown too much, three minutes will suffice.

Spaghetti a la amatriciana Recipe - Step 2


Once fried, remove from the pan and reserve. Now, in the juice of the bacon sauté, sauté the tomato cubes over medium heat for three minutes. Do not stop stirring so that, little by little, the tomato pieces will unravel and become a spectacular homemade amatriciana sauce.

Spaghetti a la amatriciana Recipe - Step 3


Important! Add salt, sugar and ground black pepper to the tomato sauceThis will give it a more intense and flavorful touch, while the sugar will reduce the acidity of the tomato. You can use white sugar if you don’t have brown sugar.

Spaghetti a la amatriciana Recipe - Step 4


The amatriciana sauce is ready. Now add the previous bacon sauce and lower the heat while you give it a few turns to integrate the flavors. Cover for a couple of minutes over low heat, turn off the heat and let it rest while you continue with the plate.

Spaghetti a la amatriciana Recipe - Step 5


Fill a deep bowl with water and a pinch of salt, let it cook and bring to a boil. Add the pasta and let the steam sink into the container. Stir immediately so that it looses and cook until al dente (approximately 8 minutes).

Spaghetti a la amatriciana Recipe - Step 6


Drain the pasta and heat the sauce a little if necessary, add the ingredients to the plate and sprinkle grated cheese if you like. You don’t need anything more than to eat them instantly to revel in the aromas and flavors of Italy in these spaghetti a la amatriciana.

Spaghetti a la amatriciana Recipe - Step 7

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Amatriciana sauce – History and other recipes

This sauce, also called sugo all’amatriciana Because of its name in Italian, it is used to season any type of pasta, but the most traditional thing is to enjoy it with spaghetti, just as they do in the town where it comes from.

Formerly, being a simple recipe made by shepherds, it was not used to use onion, garlic or oil, since the latter was replaced by the fat of the bacon that the guancile carried. The preparation has evolved and today it has become a traditional Roman sauce.

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