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Canarian chicken soup – easy homemade recipe!

23 mayo, 2021

We are going to prepare a delicious canarian chicken soup recipe, a very good chicken broth that is combined with chickpeas and noodles, a very complete traditional dish. This dish is very similar to any stew or broth dish, only with some variations. In this case, the typical thing is to give the broth a little color and accompany it with some not very fat noodles. Finally, the touch of this soup is put by some mint leaves.

This soup is made from chicken, beef and vegetables. It can be served with raw or cooked chickpeas, as well as noodles. Although it is a spoon dish that, traditionally, is prepared over low heat as our grandmothers did, you can have it ready in less time if you do it in a speed cooker or express pot. If you already know where you are going to prepare it, just keep reading to discover how to make canarian chicken soup in ReceasGratis!

4 diners
1h 30m
Low difficulty

Additional characteristics:
Cheap cost

Ingredients to make Canarian chicken soup:

How to make Canarian chicken soup:


Prepare all the ingredients. Wash and chop the carrot, bell pepper and onion into pieces, and the tomato in half. Use whole garlic. Wash the meat and clean it of fat and skins. You can use canned chickpeas or use raw chickpeas, but the latter should be soaked overnight before using.

Add all the ingredients to a saucepan with a splash of oil and a tablespoon of paprika. Cover with water and cook for 40 minutes.

Canarian Chicken Soup Recipe - Step 1


Once this time has passed, test that the chicken is already tender, test for salt and see if the chickpeas are already there. Let cook until everything is ready. When this, Strain the Canarian chicken broth and put it in another saucepan over the fire, add the noodles and chickpeas.

Canarian Chicken Soup Recipe - Step 2


Check the soup for confirm that the noodles are just right. Salt test to rectify and turn off when ready.

Canarian Chicken Soup Recipe - Step 3


Add some good herb leaves to the soup plate to taste, or you can also add them when you are making the noodles.

Serve the Canarian chicken soup piping hot and accompanied by chicken and vegetables. You can chop the latter so that they integrate well on the plate.

Canarian Chicken Soup Recipe - Step 4

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