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Cold melon soup with crispy ham

23 mayo, 2021

Is cold melon soup with ham recipe It is a starter with a lot of flavor. A great dish for the summer, very fresh and delicious. This cold soup is very good and with the crunchy touch of the ham the contrast is surprising.

To prepare this soup you can use a slightly ripe melon, so the sweetness of the melon with the salty ham will give a more special touch to the soup. As it contains a lot of water and few calories, the melon is a perfect fruit to prepare refreshing dishes during the summer. Discover how to make cold melon soup with ham in Free Recipes and prepare something different today!

4 diners
15 m
Low difficulty

Additional characteristics:
Cheap cost

Ingredients to make cold melon soup with ham:

How to make cold melon soup with ham:


Peel the melon, remove the rind and remove all the pulp from the melon. Remove the seeds and cut it into pieces.

Cold melon soup with ham recipe - Step 1


Put in a shake glass the melon chunks.

Cold melon soup with ham recipe - Step 2


Add a splash of cream, salt and pepper.

Cold melon soup with ham recipe - Step 3


If you like, put a few tablespoons of white vermouth or other liquor whichever you prefer, Pedro Ximenez is also doing well. Crush all the mixture well and put in the fridge so that it is very cold when serving.

Cold melon soup with ham recipe - Step 4


Put the ham pieces in the microwave so they are crisp. To do this, place the slices of ham between two sheets of paper and microwave them at 600 W for 1 minute and a half. If it’s not there yet, reheat until crisp.

Chop part of the ham into small pieces and leave some whole pieces to garnish the homemade melon soup. You can also add the natural ham without it being crunchy, you will see that the flavor will be stronger and salty.

Cold melon soup with ham recipe - Step 5


When we go to serve the melon and ham soup, this must be very cold. You can leave it in the freezer for 15 minutes and pour it into the bowl where you will serve it. Test if you need salt or a little more white vermouth. Add the pieces of chopped ham, a splash of olive oil and a little black pepper. Add a piece of crispy ham to each plate.

Cold melon soup with ham recipe - Step 6

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Is cold melon soup it also goes very well with some mint leaves that will give an even fresher touch to this summer recipe. If you want to make it lighter, you can also do without the cream or add cucumber to make it more nutritious.

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