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How To Make Andalusian Gazpacho – Grandma’s Recipe!

23 mayo, 2021

We are going to prepare a delicious Andalusian grandmother’s gazpacho, a traditional summer dish typical of Andalusia, but which is very widespread throughout the Spanish geography. Gazpacho is a cold tomato soup very popular during the hot months due to its easy preparation, its exquisite flavor and its inexpensive nature. The Andalusian gazpacho ingredients are very basic: tomatoes, onion, garlic, cucumber, pepper, bread, oil, vinegar and salt, all of them cheap and easy to find. But as always happens with all dishes, in each area they have their way of doing it, so much so, that many people prefer to omit cucumber, bread or onion, for example. Likewise, the texture is totally adaptable to the tastes of each one, since it can be made more or less liquid.

For us to have a good Andalusian gazpacho, it is best to use some good tomatoes, choose them ripe but have a good flavor. The rest of the ingredients must still be fresh, with this success is assured. For more details, stay at Free Recipes and discover with us how to make Andalusian gazpacho, the original recipe of the grandmother.

4 diners
Very low difficulty

Ingredients to make Andalusian Grandmother’s Gazpacho:

How to make Andalusian Grandma’s Gazpacho:


Prepare all the ingredients of the Andalusian gazpacho. Keep the water in the fridge so that it is cool and you can have your gazpacho as soon as you finish making it. Having said that, wash all the ingredients and peel the cucumber and tomatoes, you can also remove the seeds from the latter. Cut the onion and bell pepper into chunks.

Grandma's Andalusian Gazpacho Recipe - Step 1


Add the above ingredients in a bowl or in the glass of a food processor, depending on where you are going to grind them.

Grandmother's Andalusian Gazpacho Recipe - Step 2


Cut the bread thinly sliced ​​and add to bowl. The bread can be from the day before, since when moistened it will crush perfectly. In fact, the Andalusian gazpacho recipe is one of the most used to take advantage of stale bread.

Grandmother's Andalusian Gazpacho Recipe - Step 3


Pour part of the water and start to grind. Remember that you can use a robot or an electric hand mixer. As everything is crushed and you see the consistency, you should add more water to adjust the texture to your liking. Before dressing it, you can strain it to remove any remaining skin or seeds.

Grandma's Andalusian Gazpacho Recipe - Step 4


When grandmother’s Andalusian gazpacho is to your liking in terms of texture, add the oil, vinegar and salt, mash and taste to see if you need to add a little more of any of these ingredients. Reserve it in the fridge so that when it is time to eat it is very cool.

Trick: We like to add the dressing when it is crushed because it changes the flavor. It is also better to leave it a little soft, since after a while the flavor of the ingredients becomes more noticeable.

Grandma's Andalusian Gazpacho Recipe - Step 5


At the time of serving it, you can add “tropezones”, as my grandmother used to say. To do this, chop pieces of cucumber, onion, pepper, bread and put them on a tray or on plates so that each guest can add these pieces to their liking. And ready! The grandmother’s Andalusian gazpacho recipe it is prepared to be taken as a cold soup or as a drink during the aperitif.

Grandma's Andalusian Gazpacho Recipe - Step 6


If you liked Grandma’s Andalusian gazpacho recipe, don’t miss the video in which we show you all the steps and you can better observe the texture.

With what to accompany the Andalusian gazpacho of the grandmother

You have seen that with the original recipe there is a tasty Andalusian gazpacho that is perfect for an aperitif or starters. In both cases, you can take it as a drink and prepare more dishes with the aim of enjoying a full menu. The Andalusian gazpacho from the grandmother is healthy and nutritious, since it has all the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables that are used, such as vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. Therefore, a good option is to follow this line and prepare healthy side dishes like these:

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