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Lime Soup – Original Yucatecan Recipe!

23 mayo, 2021

When it comes to eating something delicious, we can’t forget the traditional lime soup, an extremely common dish in the State of Yucatán. Along with the cochinita pibil, this dish has become representative of this region. Likewise, this recipe represents our miscegenation, since it includes elements of European origin, such as lime, which provides that characteristic acid flavor, and a spicy touch so present in Mexican cuisine.

On the other hand, the sautéed vegetables that are added to the broth is what makes it possible to unify everything and create a truly incredible soup. Finally, you cannot miss the fried omelette, which is the one that gives the crunchy touch. If you want to know how to combine these flavors correctly, stay in Free Recipes to discover how to make lime soup following the Yucatecan recipe.

4 diners
Very low difficulty

Ingredients to make Lime Soup:

How to make Lime Soup:


Cook the chicken in a pot with water, 2 peeled garlic cloves, the cloves and a pinch of salt. When cooked, remove from heat, let cool to undo it and preserve the broth.

Trick: Breast is generally used, but with leg and thigh a juicier lime soup is left.

Lime Soup Recipe - Step 1


In a frying pan with a little hot oil, sauté the chopped onion a few seconds. Add the cut tomato in cubes, the teaspoon of minced garlic, the habanero pepper to taste, the cumin and the cinnamon. Sauté until the tomato changes color.

Lime Soup Recipe - Step 2


Pour in 2 cups of the broth that you had reserved for the cooking of the chicken and the water, as well as the vegetables sautéed with the spices and let it boil. When it starts to boil, add the cut limes sliced ​​to give the soup that sour touch. Put out the fire.

Lime Soup Recipe - Step 3


Cut the tortillas into thin strips, fry them and add them to the soup when they are well fried. Serves the yucatecan lime soup and enjoy this dish. You will see that this recipe for lime soup offers an incredible contrast of flavors and textures, unmatched by any other dish. As we said, you can make it with chicken breast, but the truth is that the thigh is juicier. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Lime Soup Recipe - Step 4

Lime Soup – History and Sides

As we have commented at the beginning of the recipe, the lime soup is part of the traditional gastronomy of the state of Yucatan. It is one of its most representative dishes due to the miscegenation it shows. Although it is not known exactly when it originated, it is known that the lime came from the hand of the Spanish conquerors, so this soup arose from here. As with many other recipes, the lime soup was born as a result of miscegenation, which is why we say that this dish represents this concept.

Now that you know the original Yucatecan lime soup recipe and its history, we are going to recommend some accompaniments that are also native to this region: