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Sweet potato cream – Easy, light and delicious recipe!

22 mayo, 2021

The sweet potato cream It is simple, fast, satisfying and cheap, what more could you ask for? The sweet potato, also called sweet potato or sweet potato, is an autumn tuber, so we must take advantage of the season to prepare all kinds of recipes with it. In this sense, we tend to associate this food with sweet recipes due to its flavor, however, we can also make savory dishes such as this sweet potato cream, which is soft and aromatic thanks to the spices that we will add.

Before we get down to work with this recipe for sweet potato cream, we recommend choosing the sweet potatoes taking into account that if they are more mature, they will be sweeter. So, if you are looking for a rather salty cream, opt for less ripe sweet potatoes. In any case, you will have a light, healthy and easy to prepare dish. Also, you can make this recipe in advance because it can be kept in the fridge for 3-4 days and even frozen. Having said all this, keep reading to discover the step by step that we share in Free Recipes and know how to make sweet potato cream.

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Ingredients to make Sweet Potato Cream:

How to make Sweet Potato Cream:


To prepare the sweet potato cream, the first thing you should do is leave the vegetables ready. To do this, peel the potatoes, clean the carrots, peel and cut the sweet potato into medium pieces. We have chosen to make a sweet potato and carrot cream, but you can add more vegetables to your liking, such as pumpkin, zucchini or onion.

Sweet Potato Cream Recipe - Step 1


Heat a pot with water or vegetable broth (it can also be half and half) over medium heat. Add the potatoes, carrot and sweet potato, keeping in mind that the vegetables must be covered by the water to cook well. Let cook until all the ingredients are well cooked.

You can also make sweet potato and apple cream by adding a peeled and chopped green apple to the pot, it will give it a touch of exquisite flavor.

Trick: If you use a pressure cooker you will save time, since in 10 minutes they are usually ready. With a conventional pot, the cooking time is around 20 minutes.

Sweet Potato Cream Recipe - Step 2


Prepare the spices that you are going to use to flavor the sweet potato cream. We have chosen a little salt, pepper and half a teaspoon of ginger. The ginger gives it a very good spicy touch, but you should not abuse it because it would be too spicy.

Sweet Potato Cream Recipe - Step 3


When you see that the vegetables are almost cooked, add the spices, stir and mix well.

Sweet Potato Cream Recipe - Step 4


Transfer the vegetables to a blender glass, add a little of the cooking water and start shredding with an electric hand mixer. If you see that the cream is very thick, add water little by little. If you have excess water, do not throw it away, since it is a delicious vegetable broth that you can use to make other recipes.

Sweet Potato Cream Recipe - Step 5


Transfer the sweet potato cream to the casserole and reheat it. Taste it to rectify with salt and pepper if necessary. You can also add other spices, such as curry, turmeric, nutmeg …, as well as more water from cooking the vegetables to give it an even lighter texture. The good thing about these recipes is that they can be totally adapted to the taste of the person who prepares them.

Sweet Potato Cream Recipe - Step 6


When it’s hot, serve with a drizzle of oil and pepper. You can also taste the sweet potato cream recipe with pieces of toast.

Sweet Potato Cream Recipe - Step 7

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With what to accompany the sweet potato cream

Now that you know how to make sweet potato or sweet potato cream, we recommend serving it as a starter to enjoy, later, a second course. To do this, we recommend choosing between these ideas, also light and full of flavor: