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Zurrukutuna (garlic soup with cod)

23 mayo, 2021

How about a good soup to prepare for when the cold days approach? If the gazapachos and the refreshing recipes help us to pass the hot days, there is nothing like offering you this zurrukutuna recipe to protect you from the cold. Zurrukutuna is a typical dish of the Basque Country, a cod soup and garlic which is also prepared with egg and stale bread.

Discover in Free Recipes how to make zurrukutuna and enjoy a seasonal recipe that will become one of your favorites if you like soups with fish.

3 diners
Main dish
Medium difficulty

Ingredients to make Zurrukutuna:

How to make Zurrukutuna:


Add a drizzle of olive oil to a frying pan and sauté the peeled garlic cloves. Take them out when they are golden brown and reserve.

Trick: You can add a chilli pepper in this step if the broth is not spicy.

Zurrukutuna Recipe - Step 1


Cut a slice of bread into thick squares and fry them in the same oil. Before the bread turns golden, add the flaked cod and stir so that it is done evenly. A couple of minutes will do.

Zurrukutuna Recipe - Step 2


Right away, add the paprika and stir To avoid burning and taking a bitter taste, it is well known that paprika burns quickly.

Zurrukutuna Recipe - Step 3


Slowly add the fish stock or stock So that the sauce does not pass us. In turn, stir so that the bread is soaked well with this broth.

If, by chance, you don’t have fish stock at this time, you can use two tablets of concentrated fish stock.

Zurrukutuna Recipe - Step 4


Pour the half liter of water to the rest of the stew. Bring the cod soup to a boil and add the reserved garlic cloves. Cover the casserole, reduce the heat to medium low and cook for ten minutes.

Zurrukutuna Recipe - Step 5


Before removing from the heat, let it boil hard and crack some eggs into the zurrukutuna soup. Let them set and sprinkle with fresh, chopped parsley. Pour one egg per person, they will set in about three minutes.

Zurrukutuna Recipe - Step 6


It is time to serve zurrukutana to your guests or family. You may accompany with an aging wine and accompany it with a loaf of bread.

Enjoy your meal! After your meal, you can show off by serving a delicious La Viña cheese cake.

Zurrukutuna Recipe - Step 7

Zurrukutuna and other recipes

The key to this delicious recipe from the Basque cuisine It is incredible for you to use a good quality cod. In addition, it is important that you pay attention during the preparation so that the garlic and bread do not burn, as they can easily make the soup bitter. The zurrukutuna, whose name comes from zurrupatu (sip in Basque), it is a dish that we know you will enjoy if you manage to balance the flavors of garlic and cod well.

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