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Arroz a banda – Recipe from Alicante

21 mayo, 2021

On this occasion, in RecetasGratis we bring you a purely Alicante rice from the Mediterranean coasts, where the best rice dishes in Spain are eaten. The Valencian rice a banda It is nothing but a unique and unparalleled dish recognized by the best lovers of gourmet cuisine in the world, it is cooked in a good broth (fumet) of whitebait, that is, of rock fish and galleys or prawns. All the ingredients are fresh, since the success of this rice is related to the quality of the broth.

So that you do not know it only by name, we explain how to make rice a banda step by step. A recipe that you can prepare at home and enjoy a great meal as a family with friends and loved ones. Don’t miss it and keep reading!

4 diners
1h 30m
Main dish
Medium difficulty

Ingredients to make Arroz a banda:

How to make Arroz a banda:


To start with this arroz a banda with aioli, make a fish stock assorted with whitebait, galleys, onion, bay leaf, peppercorns, saffron and one of the teaspoons of salt. Boil with a liter and a half of broth for an hour. If you make the fish stock in a quick cooker, 35 minutes will be more than enough.

Trick: If you squash the fish remains when you strain the broth, you will extract all its juice and it will gain in intensity.

Rice a banda recipe - Step 1


Sauté the peeled prawns and the squid in pieces With a drizzle of olive oil, stir and prepare the crushed tomato. You can grate a couple of ripe tomatoes in the stand of the canned crushed natural tomato, but never fried.

Trick: For this Valencian arroz a banda, use a low and wide frying pan or paella.

Rice a banda recipe - Step 2


Add the tomato to the sauce together with the prawns and squid, keep over medium heat and sauté for two minutes, the tomato should not be too dry. If necessary, lower the stove.

Rice a banda recipe - Step 3


Add a large tablespoon of salmorreta. Stir, it will cost a little to dilute this paste, but it does not matter because in the next step you will finish dissolving it without problem.

Trick: If you don’t have salmorreta, you can use ground dried pepper, sautéed garlic, and chopped parsley.

Arroz a banda Recipe - Step 4


Add the fish stock or stock, stir and let it begin to boil for a couple of minutes so that each flavor of the ingredients is fully integrated.

Rice a banda Recipe - Step 5


For this amount of rice, that is 8 handfuls, about a liter of broth is needed, but indisputably more can be added, depending on the absorption of the type of rice.

Once boil for two minutes, add the rice and add another point of salt if necessary, stir a little and let it cook over high heat without stirring. It will cook in about 20 minutes, but taste the rice grains and give it the doneness.

Trick: A good habit for this type of paellas is to let it rest covered after removing it from the heat for 5 minutes.

Arroz a banda Recipe - Step 6


Once the rest time is over, bring the arroz a banda to the table so that everyone can distribute it on individual plates. You can also eat it in the paella pan adding a little aioli.

Arroz a banda Recipe - Step 7

Arroz a banda – History, calories and other recipes

Ready to prepare this delicious dish from the Alicante cuisine? Rice a banda has approximately 489 calories per 100 g and it is a very nutritious and complete preparation.

Rice a banda used to be prepared in the past by fishermen who went to sea and took advantage of the trawling fish from the nets for the broths, since they were the ones that had the least meat to eat. Today, it is a unique dish, full of qualities and flavors that you cannot stop trying.

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