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Green Rice with Cilantro – Easy and Traditional Recipe!

23 mayo, 2021

The green rice It is a very appreciated dish in several Latin American countries. Preparing it is very simple and will allow you to vary the common white rice, in addition, it is very beautiful and also nutritious. Its color is due to the use of green leaves in the preparation, which also gives it a special flavor.

Depending on where it is prepared, green rice has different ingredients. This time we show you how to make green rice with coriander, but later we will tell you some variations so that you can make a delicious dish to suit you. At RecetasGratis we enjoy sharing useful and delicious recipes with you, that’s why we encourage you to cook this wonderful and healthy side dish that goes well with any of your star dishes.

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Low difficulty

Ingredients to make Green rice with coriander:

How to make Green Rice with Cilantro:


Green rice with coriander is quite simple to prepare. Clean all the sheets first to be used. Remove the spinach stalks, you can leave the coriander stalks because they are much softer.

Green Rice with Cilantro Recipe - Step 1


Blend the spinach leaves, coriander and paprika along with the milk and chicken broth. If you don’t want to add milk, then substitute more chicken or vegetable broth.

Green Rice with Cilantro Recipe - Step 2


Bring the rice to medium heat and fry it in the oil together with the onion and garlic. Wait for it to brown a little.

Green Rice with Cilantro Recipe - Step 3


Pour the mixture that you blended into the fried rice and add the peas. Also add the salt to taste.

Green Rice with Cilantro Recipe - Step 4


Boil until the liquid is almost completely gone.

Green Rice with Cilantro Recipe - Step 5


You will know that this happens because some small holes in the surface of the rice.

Green Rice with Cilantro Recipe - Step 6


Cover the pot, lower the heat and wait until the liquid is consumed and you get a loose, soft rice. Green rice can accompany the dish of your choice.

Green Rice with Cilantro Recipe - Step 7

Other green rice recipes

In Latin America there are several versions of green rice. In this we share the one of colombian green riceIt is the easiest to cook because you can get the ingredients almost anywhere in the world and it requires less preparation.

However, Mexican green rice is also a very tasty option. Also known as green poblano riceIn this recipe, you just have to add poblano peppers and substitute the milk for another cup of broth. In some areas of Mexico, this dish is also known as poblano rice. Even if you don’t eat a lot of spice, you may like this recipe because poblano is not the spiciest of the peppers used in the country.

The other famous version is the peruvian green rice. For this recipe some people use beer, but what stands out the most is that it is prepared with fried or roasted pieces of chicken that are then added to the rice along with a cilantro and spinach smoothie. To this plate of green rice with chicken They also add peas, diced carrots, yellow chili and a type of corn that they call giant corn from Peru.

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