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Venezuelan Cachapas – Original recipe step by step

22 mayo, 2021

The cachapas They are a typical dish from Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia and Costa Rica, they resemble a pancake but are made from ground corn, water, sugar, oil and salt. Generally, they are filled with white cheese, fried pork, shredded meat or chicken, although they are also eaten alone with a touch of butter. In other countries they are known as chorreada, corn arepa, jojoto corn arepa and corn tortilla.

Is Venezuelan cachapas recipe It is easy to prepare, you can buy the whole cob and shell it, or use frozen or canned corn to make your work easier. Of course, you should drain it and wash it very well before using it. Do not worry that in Free Recipes we will give you all the steps you need so that you know how to make Venezuelan cachapas and enjoy them with what you like the most.

2 diners
Low difficulty

Additional characteristics:
Medium cost, In pan

Ingredients to make Cachapas:

How to make Cachapas:


Shelling the corn and washing it under running water for a few minutes, drain well before use.

Cachapas Recipe - Step 1


In a blender or food processor pour the corn kernels together with the sugar and salt, process and add the milk little by little. Lastly, add the melted butter and eggs if you used.

Cachapas Recipe - Step 2


Transfer the mixture to a bowl and add two tablespoons of cornmeal, mix well and wait 5 minutes. Add the others if necessary, there should be one thick and thick dough.

Cachapas Recipe - Step 3


In a frying pan or budare heat a tablespoon of butter. You can also use vegetable oil, keep in mind that this dough is sticky and this will prevent it from burning and sticking.

Cachapas Recipe - Step 4


Pour a portion of the mixture with the help of a ladle and spread it well. Cook each side over medium heat for 6 minutes, approximately.

Cachapas Recipe - Step 5


When it starts to dry on top, peel off the edges carefully and flip the cachapa, add the cheese to melt while the other side cooks.

Cachapas Recipe - Step 6


Close the cachapa in half and cook for about 2 more minutes on each side.

Cachapas Recipe - Step 7


Serve your Venezuelan cachapas with a piece of butter on top or the accompaniment of your choice, enjoy!

Cachapas Recipe - Step 8

Venezuelan Cachapas – Variants

Cachapas are an indispensable dish of the Venezuelan gastronomy, as they are found in popular markets and are usually enjoyed on family Sundays. It is so much so that there are flours prepared to make cachapas that only need water and / or oil.

Also, you can find several recipes that include wheat flour among the ingredients, this gives a creamier texture to the mixture and, therefore, it is more similar to a sweet corn pancake. One of the tricks to make the cachapas very fluffy is to add a teaspoon of baking soda or baking powder to the mixture.

You can consume this recipe if you are celiac, since it does not contain flour with gluten, it is also a good option for a vegan / vegetarian diet, since you can substitute butter for oil or vegetable shortening, as well as omit the eggs, it does not affect nothing to the end result.

The filling is to everyone’s taste, we recommend you try them with some white cheese or with salty fillings, since it contrasts well with the sweetness of the cachapa corn. Other popular side dishes include shredded beef and fried pork.

And if you don’t have corn, you can do these variants of traditional Venezuelan cachapas: