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Elbow salad with tuna

21 mayo, 2021

Elbow pasta always comes in handy when preparing soups or salads. Because it is so versatile in the kitchen, it is considered one of almost everyone’s favorite pasta. If you don’t have much time to cook or you just want to prepare something quick and easy to make, the tuna salad with elbows is an excellent option that you cannot pass up because of how simple and delicious it will be.

The ingredients can be completely your choice, but this time our salad will have corn, carrot, tomato and of course tuna. In addition, in Free Recipes we show you how to prepare a rich dressing to accompany the salad. Keep reading and discover how to make elbow salad with tuna and enjoy this simple and complete dish.

6 diners
Very low difficulty

Additional characteristics:
Cheap cost, Slightly spicy, Cold, Mexican recipes

Ingredients to make elbow salad with tuna:

How to make Tuna Elbow Salad:


To start the recipe, cook the pasta with a little salt so that it is al dente according to the instructions on the package. Drain the pasta when it’s done and let it cool.

Trick: It is important that the pasta is completely cooled since the preparation will be cold.

Elbow Salad with Tuna Recipe - Step 1


For the dressing that will season the elbow salad with tuna, inside a container mix the mayonnaise with the 3 tablespoons of sour cream, the tablespoons of mustards, the tablespoon of milk and season with salt and pepper, stir until the ingredients are well integrated and reserve.

Trick: Dijon mustard is optional, but if you add it it will give it an acid touch and will add texture due to the mustard grains it has.

Elbow Salad with Tuna Recipe - Step 2


In a large container, empty the cold pasta, add the dressing you prepared and mix perfectly until all the pasta is covered. At this point you can taste the flavor and season if necessary.

Elbow Salad with Tuna Recipe - Step 3


Add the corn, the chopped tomato, the grated carrot, the chopped chili in vinegar and the tuna and mix until all ingredients are fully integrated with pasta and dressing.

Trick: You can also make the tuna salad with elbows and hard-boiled egg, pineapple, avocado, ham, apple, lettuce …

Elbow Salad with Tuna Recipe - Step 4


All that remains is to enjoy this delicious and simple salad with toast or crackers. Remember that the recipe for elbow salad with tuna It is very versatile, so you can add more ingredients if you want. And if you want to discover more similar salads, do not miss the recipe for chicken elbow salad.

Elbow Salad with Tuna Recipe - Step 5

More ideas for serving the tuna salad with elbows

If you don’t like mayonnaise, you can make other dressings to spice up your tuna elbow salad. For example, you can make a honey mustard vinaigrette, prepare a pesto sauce or choose any of the vinaigrettes and sauces for salads that we show in this other article: “+20 vinaigrettes and sauces for salads”.

On the other hand, if you wonder what accompaniment or garnish fits with this salad, from RecetasGratis we recommend these options: