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Extremaduran Zorongollo – Traditional recipe!

23 mayo, 2021

The typical salad of Extremadura is known by the name of Extremadura zorongollo. Of course, it should not be confused with the Murcian recipe, which is called zarangollo, since they have different ingredients and their preparation is equally different.

Zorongollo from Extremadura is a simple dish made in a very light way. With just 4 ingredients, you get a magnificent ratatouille or a salad similar to the escalivada. Therefore, this recipe is perfect to serve as a starter or garnish or as a dinner. Stay in Free Recipes and discover with us how to make zorongollo from Extremadura.

4 diners
Low difficulty

Ingredients to make Zorongollo Extremadura:

How to make Zorongollo Extremadura:


Heat the oven to 200 ºC with heat up and down. This done, prepare a baking sheet for roasting peppers and tomatoes, put a little salt and oil on top and roast for 50 minutes. To get them right on each side, turn them over from time to time. If necessary, you can lower the temperature to 180 ºC after 30 minutes of cooking.

Extremadura Zorongollo Recipe - Step 1


When the vegetables are roasted, peel off the skin and cut into thin strips. A great way to peel roasted vegetables is to put them in a saucepan, cover it and leave them for 1 hour to warm. Then, you simply have to remove the skin with your fingers. Besides, chop the chives very finely and the garlic cloves the same. It should be noted that there are also those who grind the roasted tomato with the ingredients of the dressing instead of cutting it, so that you can choose the zorongollo recipe that you like best.

Extremadura Zorongollo Recipe - Step 2


Mix the zorongollo ingredients and season with oil, salt and vinegar to taste. Stir the salad enough to integrate the flavors and emulsify. It is common to serve the Extremadura zorongollo recipe with a boiled egg on top. Of course, don’t forget the bread!

If you also want to know the Murcian zarangollo recipe to see the differences, do not hesitate to consult it.

Extremadura Zorongollo Recipe - Step 3

Ideas for serving zorongollo from Extremadura

As we have mentioned, you can serve Extremadura zorongollo with boiled egg and use it as a garnish, starter or as a single dish during dinner. If used as a garnish, it is an excellent dish to accompany meats and fish, so we recommend these recipes: