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Moje manchego – Original pipirrana manchega recipe

21 mayo, 2021

We love salads! In fact, both in Spain and in many other countries we are lucky to know many of them thanks to the fact that in each town or city they have their own salad, which can be composed of multiple specific ingredients and thus create that wonderful salad that commemorates places around the world.

On this occasion we move to La Mancha lands to know its popular pipirrana, wet or soak, a delicious salad that is a gift of gastronomy. Its ingredients are usually common in our homes, simple and inexpensive. So, without further ado, let’s see how to make pipirrana manchega or moje manchego, You’ll love it!

4 diners
Very low difficulty

Ingredients to make Moje manchego:

How to make Moje manchego:


Pour the chopped tomato into a container or bowl large enough to mix all the ingredients of the Manchega pipirrana in it. If you don’t want to use canned tomatoes, you can chop three tomatoes.

Trick: Boil a couple of eggs to decorate the salad at the end, this way they will have enough time to cool down.

Moje manchego recipe - Step 1


Drain the tuna well and add it to the bowl with the tomato. If necessary, crumble it a bit so as not to leave such large chunks.

Moje manchego recipe - Step 2


Add the olives. In this step you will be able to decide which olives you prefer to use in your mojete manchego recipe, since it is common to find different varieties. We have opted for pitted greens to give the salad an aromatic touch with a certain acidity point, but you can use black olives or another type of green olives.

Moje manchego recipe - Step 3


Peel and cut an onion small to very thin slices and add them to the salad. It is important that the onion pieces are not thick so that the Manchego moje is perfect.

Moje manchego recipe - Step 4


Also add the bell pepper cut into very thin strips. Finally, season the Manchega pipirrana with the vinegar and oil. Stir carefully, but mix everything until you see that each ingredient is integrated.

Moje manchego recipe - Step 5


Serve your salad very fresh and add the eggs on top to decorate it and enhance the flavor. As you can see, it is a easy, fast and inexpensive moje manchego recipe, perfect for a fresh and healthy starter.

Moje manchego recipe - Step 6

With what to accompany the manchega pipirrana or wet

The pipirrana can vary depending on where it comes from, since there is the La Mancha pipirrana, which is what we have learned to prepare, the Andalusian pipirrana, the Murcian pipirrana or the Valencian pipirrana. In general, it is a recipe that provides few calories and many vitamins and nutrients. For this reason, we can consume it as a starter accompanied by fish or meat, although if we want it can be eaten as the only dish and dipping bread. To do this, we recommend opting for a bread with a lot of crumb, if it is loaf better, and a glass of a good red wine from La Mancha, no more is needed!

If you prefer to serve this Manchega salad as a starter, we recommend these options for the main course: