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Xatonada or xató – EASY Catalan Salad Recipe

23 mayo, 2021

The xató or cható is a romesco sauce prepared with toasted almonds and hazelnuts that is used to dress the xatonada, a salad with fish whose origin is disputed between various towns in the province of Barcelona. In RecetasGratis, this time we bring you an exquisite xatonada recipe and its sauce xató for you to do at home.

The preparation of this sauce and salad is meticulous but unique, thanks to all the ingredients it contains. The salad rests on a bed of endive and is prepared with fish such as cod, tuna, bonito or anchovy. Do you want to try it? Then stay with us and discover how to make xatonada!

4 diners
2h 30m
High difficulty

Ingredients to make Xatonada or xató:

How to make Xatonada or xató:


Desalinate the cod by soaking it for about 5 hours and changing the water three times. Prepare the split olives and, if they can be homemade, much better. Also take out the anchovy in vinegar and the canned bonito.

Xatonada or xató Recipe - Step 1


Take 1 large pepper or 2 smaller ones and hydrate it to extract its inner flesh, You just have to soak it by removing the tail of the Señora and submerge it in hot water for a long time.

Trick: You must put a counterweight container that sinks the Señora so that it does not float.

Xatonada or xató Recipe - Step 2


Cut the endive, wash it, drain it and remove the thicker branches. Chop it up and reserve.

Xatonada or xató Recipe - Step 3


In a bowl, soak the bread slices with vinegar. Make sure they are well covered and drain them later.

Xatonada or xató Recipe - Step 4


Take a pan to heat and toast the nuts, that is, hazelnuts and almonds. Stir with the handle of the pan so they don’t get too toasted.

Xatonada or xató Recipe - Step 5


Take them out of the pan once they are golden brown and let them cool slightly. Grind with the processor or grind them with the mortar.

Xatonada or xató Recipe - Step 6


Take out the crushed nuts and add the garlic, the Señora meat and the lightly drained bread to the shredder. Add the olive oil and a pinch of salt, blend well until it is like a fine paste. Mix everything with the nuts so that the xató is fused, forming a doughy but manageable sauce.

Trick: If the xató is too hard, add a little more oil.

Xatonada or xató Recipe - Step 7


Put the endive in a deep dish, pour part of the xató over it. Do it with a tongue so as not to damage the endive. Stir and mix well so that it is impregnated with all the flavors and ingredients of the xató sauce.

Xatonada or xató Recipe - Step 8


Transfer the mixture to a serving dish and place the olives, anchovies and bonito. Crumble the cod covering the salad and finish with a few tablespoons of xató sauce. You may accompany the xatonada with a typical artichoke omelette or botifarra (butifarra). Bon profit!

Xatonada or xató Recipe - Step 9

Xatonada – Calories and Origins

Although there are some variations of the xató salad, cod is one of those ingredients that you cannot miss. You can make it with canned bonito or tuna, as well as you can also use anchovies or anchovies. A serving of xatonada has approximately 130 calories.

Xatonada – A traditional recipe

Although there are discussions about the origin of the xatonada, the truth is that it is a salad born on the coasts of Catalonia. Thus, the xatonada of Sitges It is probably the most popular, but it is also claimed by the municipalities of Villanueva y Geltrú and Villafranca del Penedés.

Its name comes from the Catalan expression ax the boot, the action of filling a cask when there was a new wine to taste. The wine was pouring out of a tap called l’aixetó. For that reason, the most traditional way to enjoy xatonada is to do it with a glass of red wine, as it was originally tasted.

The xató or xatonada salad is usually enjoyed on Carnival Thursday or, as it is known in Catalonia, the saidus gras. When serving it, we advise you to accompany it with the tortillas of your choice, such as a spinach omelette, an aubergine omelette or a zucchini omelette.