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Chancho en Piedra – Easy Chilean Recipe!

21 mayo, 2021

The Stone Pig It is a rustic sauce very similar to Chilean pebre with a touch of spice, which will depend on the amount of chili you include in your own sauce. The preparation of this sauce is in mortar, that is why it is said to be in stone, and it is ideal to accompany some toasts or skewers. You can also use it as a topping for other things like sopaipillas, sandwiches or hamburgers.

In the traditional stone pork recipe, it is recommended to peel the tomato before crushing it, also that they are very ripe so that it is easier to puree them. The chili peppers should be cleaned well from the seeds and the veins inside, as they can make the sauce too bitter. With this in mind, you just need to keep reading to discover how to make pig in stone Step by Step with Free Recipes.

2 diners
15 m
Low difficulty

Ingredients to make Pork in stone:

How to make Pork in stone:


Wash the tomatoes and peppers very well, Cut them into medium pieces and scoop out all the seeds.

Pork in stone recipe - Step 1


In a mortar add the garlic and salt, mash until garlic cloves are pureed.

Pork in stone recipe - Step 2


Add chunks of chili pepper little by little and grind them with the mortar.

Pork in stone recipe - Step 3


Your mortar may not be that big, so you can step on the tomato in parts and join it with the chili and garlic later.

Pork in stone recipe - Step 4


Add the tablespoons of oil and stir everything very well.

Pig in stone recipe - Step 5


Serve with toast or crackers and enjoy this delicious stone pig.

Pork in stone recipe - Step 6

Pig in stone – Suggestions

Is pork sauce on stone It is ideal to accompany skewers and give them a touch of flavor, the level of spiciness is rather low, so it is not considered a hot sauce. On the other hand, the chili pepper provides a lot of seasoning, so it is ideal to accompany dishes with meat and proteins in general, also as a topping on sandwiches or hamburgers, and even on hot dogs. Here are some recommendations to prepare this dish:

  • Peel the tomatoes and remove all the seeds, especially since the tomato skin makes the sauce not so fluid and complicates the grinding process. For their part, the seeds add too much water to the preparation.
  • Use medium chili peppers without the veins inside, as they are excessively hot and bitter.
  • Use a vegetable oil with a rather neutral flavor, It is better with a mild oil such as sunflower, although you can also mix a tablespoon of this with one of olive oil so as not to saturate the final flavor.
  • Do it in a mortar or on a cutting board instead of a blender. You can help yourself to some extent from a processor, but do not completely blend this sauce, since its most important characteristic is the texture it has. If you use a blender, it will look more like juice.