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glace – French sauce recipe

21 mayo, 2021

The demi-glace sauce It is a generally dark sauce made with homemade beef broth. It cooks until it is reduced to almost half and serves as a base for other sauces, as well as to add flavor and color to meat dishes.

Some demi-glace have red wine incorporated to give it a darker color, but not all have it, so we leave it to your choice. Learn how to make demi-glace It is simple, but you have to take into account some essential steps that from Free Recipes we tell you so that you can make this essential sauce of French cuisine. Let’s go with the recipe.

4 diners
Low difficulty

Additional characteristics:
Cheap cost, Boiled, Traditional recipe from France

Ingredients to make Demi-glace:

How to make Demi-glace:


Put the chopped butter and olive oil in a pot or saucepan. Heat over low heat until the butter melts.

Demi-glace Recipe - Step 1


Add the flour and mix well. Let cook over low heat for about 7 minutes until the mixture turns a tan color.

Trick: once the flour is toasted, you can add 75 ml of good quality red wine and let it evaporate for two minutes.

Demi-glace Recipe - Step 2


Add the meat broth little by little while you are stirring with some manual rods. Once it boils, lower the heat and cook for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Trick: use a preferably homemade meat broth.

Demi-glace Recipe - Step 3


The demi-glace sauce has to be left with a light and creamy consistency.

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Demi-glace Recipe - Step 4

Demi glace sauce and other recipes

Although you can find this sauce in supermarkets, we recommend you try making it at home one day, since nothing compares to the taste of a freshly prepared homemade sauce. The demi glace serves as the base for other preparations such as Porto sauce or Spanish sauce. In addition, it goes great with meats and is a basic recipe that will never fail you.

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