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Homemade Chamoy – Easy Recipe

21 mayo, 2021

The chamoy It is very popular among Mexicans, either to accompany fruits or vegetables or even to add to some drinks. It is usually made with dried fruit, chili, and sugar, although there are many variations including Jamaica, tamarind, and mango.

Is Jamaican chamoy recipe that we prepare on this occasion comes from umeboshi, a traditional Japanese recipe that is made with pickled Japanese apricots that are often dyed red with dyes.

In RecetasGratis we want to teach you how to make homemade chamoy, ideal for your popsicles, potatoes, ice cream, margaritas and fruits, simply so that you have a perfect jar or bottle for any snack you want.

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Low difficulty

Ingredients to make homemade Chamoy:

How to make homemade Chamoy:


It is very easy to prepare homemade chamoy, the first thing you will have to do is put 3 cups of water to boil. Add the Jamaica, the previously chopped peaches and the prunes. Let it all boil for 15 minutes, move constantly and without neglecting. After the boiling time, remove from heat and let cool.

Homemade Chamoy Recipe - Step 1


When the mixture of Jamaica, peach and plum is cold, transfer it to the blender and add the sugar, the pinch of salt and a little of the water left over from cooking. Blend for at least 3 minutes so that it has a very smooth consistency. The amount of water you decide to add will depend on how thick you want the chamoy.

Trick: You can substitute the sugar for the sweetener of your choice if you want to make sugar-free chamoy.

Homemade Chamoy Recipe - Step 2


Once it is liquefied, empty into a container, add the tablespoons of lemon juice and chili powder, mix so that everything is perfectly integrated. You can use the chili powder that you like the most, you can also vary the amount of chili to your liking.

Homemade Chamoy Recipe - Step 3


By last, empty your homemade chamoy in a jar Or a bottle and enjoy it in fruit or ice cream, the flavor I assure you will be very delicious and the balance between the acidity of the Jamaica and the hotness of the chili will be perfect.

Trick: Keep refrigerated to keep longer.

Homemade Chamoy Recipe - Step 4

Recipes with chamoy

You see how easy it is to prepare this condiment or chamoy sauce, but can you think of what recipes you could use it in? In addition to using it to bathe fruit or ice cream, you can add this homemade chamoy to many other preparations. We leave you some suggestions of recipes with chamoy so you can try the ones you like the most: