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How to make MACHA SAUCE – Easy recipe

22 mayo, 2021

In Mexico, the use of chili peppers for cooking is so popular that there are more than 200 varieties of sauces and the macha sauce is one of them. It is originally from the state of Veracruz, with an intense and very spicy flavor, but what characterizes salsa macha is that it is not made with tomato or green tomato like most sauces, but only dried chilies and oil are used . You can also add roasted seeds. In some regions of the country such as Oaxaca they have their version with grasshoppers, bell pepper and seeds. The salsa macha is so versatile that it can be served with fish, meat, seafood and any type of Mexican snack.

In Free Recipes we are going to teach you how to make salsa macha In a very simple way. You can use the dried chili of your choice, however, we will share with you how to prepare it with chile de arbol, we assure you that it will be very rich so that you can make it at home and give a spicy touch to all your dishes. In addition, it is a sauce that can last a long time, since one of its ingredients is a natural preservative, read on!

10 diners
Low difficulty

Ingredients to make Salsa macha:

How to make Salsa macha:


To start the salsa macha recipe, clean the arbol chiles removing the stem and reserve while slicing the garlic.

Trick: chopped garlic will release all its flavor when cooked.

Salsa Macha Recipe - Step 1


Heat the oil and fry the garlic for a few seconds, move to avoid burning. When it turns a golden color, remove it and reserve it.

Trick: Don’t let it get too brown as it could taste very unpleasant.

Salsa Macha Recipe - Step 2


In the same oil, fry the chilies in the same way, so that it moves constantly until they change to a color between reddish and purple. Do not let them burn, as it could ruin the macha sauce. The chilies are fried very quickly, so a maximum of 1 minute is enough, then remove them from the oil.

Salsa Macha Recipe - Step 3


Fry the sesame just for a few seconds and reserve.

Salsa macha Recipe - Step 4


Let everything you fry cool to avoid damaging your blender. In the meantime, chop the peanut with a knife. Then, in a frying pan, toast it without actually burning it and once toasted, turn off the heat and reserve. Remember that you can make the macha sauce recipe with peanuts or not, but this ingredient will give it a crunchy touch.

Salsa macha Recipe - Step 5


When the chilies, garlic and sesame with the oil have cooled, liquefy all these ingredients adding a pinch of grain salt to taste. You can just chop the macha sauce or blend it completely.

Salsa Macha Recipe - Step 6


Lastly, add the roasted peanuts. Now it only remains to enjoy this rich macha sauce with sesame seeds. Try adding it to a delicious corn, some taquitos or even a slice of pizza, whatever you like it will be perfect.

Salsa Macha Recipe - Step 7

How to use salsa macha

Once your recipe for salsa macha is ready, you can use it to season meats, fish and tacos. We recommend these recipes: