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Molcajeteada Sauce – Red and Green Sauce Recipes!

21 mayo, 2021

The sauce made in molcajete It is one of the best sauces that exist in Mexico and, in addition, it is very easy to make. Its texture and flavor is unique even for the most demanding palates, and it is perfect to accompany a good taco or any dish that you want to give an exceptional spicy touch.

For this reason, in RecetasGratis we invite you to continue reading and discover how to make molcajeteada sauce. To make it, all you have to do is get a molcajete and choose the sauce that you like the most. We are going to elaborate a red and green molcajeteada sauce recipe so you can see the two preparations and make either one. They will be ideal to accompany roast meats and many other dishes!

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Ingredients to make Molcajeted Sauce:

How to make Molcajeteada sauce:


To start the recipe for sauces in molcajete, on a grill or comal roast the tomatoes, tomatillos, green chilies and garlic. For the red sauce, soften the morita peppers in hot water.

Molcajeteada Sauce Recipe - Step 1


Turn them constantly so that they roast on all sides, you can remove from the griddle as they finish roasting. The tomatoes will be done when the skin peels off, and the tomatillos will be done when they have puffed up a bit and their color has changed.

Molcajeteada Sauce Recipe - Step 2


While the ingredients are roasting, sauté the shelled corn with a little oil, cook until tender and reserve for the red sauce.

Molcajeteada Sauce Recipe - Step 3


Prepare your molcajete, grind the grain salt and allspice until pulverized, then grind the garlic cloves.

Molcajete Sauce Recipe - Step 4


Later, add the chilies and, finally, tomatillos or tomatoes.

Molcajeteada Sauce Recipe - Step 5


Finally, to the red sauce add the shelled corn that you previously cooked, and to the green sauce add the chopped coriander. Mix both sauces until a homogeneous consistency is achieved, check for salt and if necessary add a little more.

Molcajeteada Sauce Recipe - Step 6


That’s how easy it is to prepare molcajete sauce! Enjoy it as a snack with some corn chips or add it to your favorite dish, such as:

Molcajeteada Sauce Recipe - Step 7

The molcajete for the sauce

The molcajete is a tool of the Mexican Kitchen. Years ago, without having instruments such as a blender or food processors, volcanic stone molcajete was used to grind ingredients. Although it does not reach the same consistency, with the molcajete a unique texture is obtained with an inexplicable seasoning that all Mexicans like, that is why the use of this wonderful tool is still used today. It is even often used as a presentation in some traditional dishes.

The molcajete sauce It is a sauce that should not be missing on your table, try this recipe for red and green sauce or prepare your own sauce with the ingredients that you prefer.