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Pebre Chileno – Easy and Original Recipe!

23 mayo, 2021

The chilean pebre It is a dressing that is present in various dishes of Chilean gastronomy, but especially in meat roasts. Although it is very easy to do, the preparation is somewhat delicate since all the ingredients must be cut into very small pieces.

In general, you can serve this pebre as a spicy so that each person at the table can add it to the plate to their liking. However, you can also remove the heat from the recipe by removing the chili pepper and merken from the mix. No matter how you decide to do it, it will look great on you! Just keep reading in Free Recipes and discover how to make chilean pebre.

4 diners
15 m
Low difficulty

Ingredients to make Chilean Pebre:

How to make Chilean Pebre:


Wash all the vegetables very well and cut them into pieces as small as you can. Try not to use a processor since we want the pieces to be distinguishable and not to be like a sauce.

Chilean Pebre Recipe - Step 1


In a large bowl pour in the vegetables and add the seasonings, oil and water.

Chilean Pebre Recipe - Step 2


Stir the mixture until everything is smooth.. Reserve about 5 minutes for the flavors to mix well.

Chilean Pebre Recipe - Step 3


Serve with a delicious oven roast and enjoy your own Chilean pebre. You can also accompany it with cookies or bread and enjoy it as an aperitif.

Chilean Pebre Recipe - Step 4

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