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Salmorreta alicantina – Recipe for rice sauce

22 mayo, 2021

The salmorreta or samorreta is a kind of pasty preparation that is often used to paellas or rice, giving an unmistakable and unique flavor of the most famous rice dishes in the world, characteristic of the Valencian community, especially Alicante.

It is a preparation based on Señora, garlic, parsley and tomato, although in addition to this classic sauce there are variants that are prepared with ingredients such as pepper, vinegar, lemon and saffron. The amount that we will show you will give you about three tablespoons, since this sauce is better to make it just enough to use it in a week.

In this way, we will not have to add too many more ingredients to our rice dishes, since the salmorreta sauce will more than complete the perfect flavor point. Discover how to make salmorreta sauce in Free Recipes and enjoy.

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Ingredients to make Salmorreta:

How to make Salmorreta:


Clean the ñoras of seeds and central branch, leave only the chopped fruit to use it.

Trick: The salmorreta can also be frozen individually in a container for ice cubes or similar and you will have the preparation ready for when you need it.

Salmorreta Recipe - Step 1


Prepare in a frying pan, a jet of oil quite fulfilled and heat it. Once ready, add the pieces of Señora without stopping turning them so they don’t burn. Go little by little and heat at least one minute, prepare the garlic cloves cut into four slices.

Salmorreta Recipe - Step 2


Also add them to the Señora. Let it brown for two minutes and chop the fresh parsley to add it and fry everything together. Keep the heat low and brown all the ingredients without stopping moving for about three minutes.

Salmorreta Recipe - Step 3


Then pour in the crushed natural tomato, add a little salt to give it a point and let it sauté for two more minutes. Cover the pan to avoid splashing and the sauce gets too dry.

Salmorreta Recipe - Step 4


After frying everything, pour the contents of this sauce into a bowl to crush and integrate all the ingredients. The salmorreta should be left with a pasta appearance and texture that dissolves when you add the rest of the ingredients in the paella.

Salmorreta Recipe - Step 5


So easy and fast you will have this typical list samorreta sauce to dress paellas or rice. It is well worth having on hand at all times and we are sure you will not be disappointed.

Salmorreta Recipe - Step 6

Salmorreta – Suggestions and other recipes

When you are going to use the salmorreta in your Alicante rice recipes, you will only need about a tablespoon per serving. If you have leftovers, you can store it in the refrigerator, but we advise you to use it in no more than a week. Salmorreta goes well in meat and fish recipes.

When preparing it, we also advise you to look for ñoras that are firm and not soft.

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