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Curried Prawns – Easy Recipe!

23 mayo, 2021

If you are looking for a great prawn dish, this Thai curry prawn recipe it is an option with a lot of flavor. It is a dish that is prepared in a short time, but that absorbs the flavors of a delicious curry sauce very well. It is perfect as a starter, side or snack.

In RecetasGratis we want to tell you how to make curried prawns with coconut milk, a preparation that you will master quickly and that will become a classic in your recipe book if you like it. If you are looking to surprise with an incredible mix of spices, read on and cook!

4 diners
Medium difficulty

Additional characteristics:
Average cost

Ingredients to make Curried Prawns:

How to make curried prawns:


Clean the prawns from the heads and skins. You can also buy frozen peeled prawns, just let them thaw and they will be ready to use.

Heat a frying pan with a little oil and, when it is hot, sauté the prawns for a couple of minutes, remove them and set them aside.

Prawn curry recipe - Step 1


Peel the onion and cut it into small pieces. In the same pan where you have sautéed the prawns, add a little more oil and add the onion, poke until transparent.

Prawn curry recipe - Step 2


When the onion is there, add the fried tomato, mix and add the coconut milk. Let cook for a few minutes. If you don’t like coconut milk, you can use heavy cream for cooking instead.

Curry Prawn Recipe - Step 3


Once mixed add a tablespoon of curry, stir and add the teaspoon of ginger, stir again. Try if you like stronger flavor of any of the spices and add more.

Curry Prawn Recipe - Step 4


Add a dash of lime or lemon and a little salt, taste.

Curry Prawn Recipe - Step 5


Once the sauce is mixed and at its point add the prawns, let everything cook together for a few minutes.

Prawn curry recipe - Step 6


Chop cilantro or parsley very small, add them to the sauce with everything and turn off. Serve the curried prawns piping hot. If you don’t like coriander, you can put parsley in its place.

Basmati rice is a very good accompaniment to this dish.

Curried Prawn Recipe - Step 7

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Curry is one of the spices that is most used to prepare exotic dishes of the oriental cuisine. Now it is very well known and is widely used all over the world, giving good flavor to any dish.

In this curry prawn recipe you can use different types of curry, as it is a set of many spices. You can use sweet or spicy curry, as well as you can make red curry prawns or yellow curry.

In addition to basmati rice, you can accompany these curried prawns with naan bread and use it to dip it in the sauce. It will be incredible!

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