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How to make TIGER MUSSELS – Original Galician recipe

23 mayo, 2021

Tiger mussels, a tapas of Galician origin that is already widespread throughout the country due to its incredible flavor. Tiger mussels consist of preparing a dough with the mussels, using it to fill the shells, coat them and fry them. They are an excellent appetizer that we can prepare in advance and leave it ready in the fridge so that when we eat it we only have to fry it. These mussels can also be frozen, so we can make large quantities to freeze a part and have it available for any occasion.

The mass of the tiger mussels is quite similar to that of the croquettes, but you will see that the whole is not so similar. Keep reading and discover in Free Recipes how to make homemade tiger mussels.

5 diners
1h 30m
Medium difficulty

Ingredients to make tiger mussels:

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How to make tiger mussels:


Clean the mussels, remove the hairs and scratch the shell well so that it is well clean. Put a pot on the fire with the mussels, cover it and let them cook until they are open. At this point, turn off the heat and let them cool. Reserve the water they have released for later use.

Tiger Mussels Recipe - Step 1


Chop the mussels into very small pieces. Peel and also mince the onion very small. Put a frying pan on the fire with the butter and a drizzle of oil, add the onion and let it poach until it is transparent and takes on a little color, then add the chopped mussels.

Tiger Mussels Recipe - Step 2


Removes, incorporate the flour and keep moving so that it cooks and takes a little color. Blend for a couple of minutes. This step is important so that the flour is not raw and, therefore, the mass of the tiger mussels has a good flavor.

Tiger Mussels Recipe - Step 3


Strain the broth from the mussels and pour a small glass (100 ml approximately). Stir until the broth is integrated into the sauce. This is a trick present in the original Galician recipe that greatly enhances the flavor of the tiger mussel.

Tiger Mussels Recipe - Step 4


Add the milk that you will have previously heated in the microwave. Do it little by little and turning until you form a creamy dough. The amount of milk can vary depending on what the stir-fry allows.

Tiger Mussels Recipe - Step 5


When we see that the dough peels off the pan, it will mean that it is ready. At this point, taste for salt and rectify if necessary.

Tiger Mussels Recipe - Step 6


Put the dough in a bowl, let it cool and put it in the fridge for a couple of hours so that it settles and is good to fill the tiger mussels.

Tiger Mussels Recipe - Step 7


Stuff the mussels. To do this, put a well-filled spoonful of dough in each shell and repeat the process with all the shells. Put the breadcrumbs in a bowl and beat a couple of eggs in another. Pass the tiger mussels first in the egg and then in the breadcrumbs, so they will be well coated.

Tiger Mussels Recipe - Step 8


Put a frying pan with plenty of oil to heat. When the oil is hot, but without smoking, add the tiger mussels and fry them on both sides. If you want to reduce the calories in the dish, check out this other Recipe for Baked Tiger Mussels.

Tiger Mussels Recipe - Step 9


As they are made, take them out and leave them on a plate with kitchen paper so that it absorbs any excess oil.

Tiger Mussels Recipe - Step 10


Serve them and enjoy the hot tiger mussels. Now that you know the Galician recipe for homemade tiger mussels, the original, do not hesitate to add your touch by adding some extra ingredient or some spice. If you do, don’t forget to leave your comment!

Tiger Mussels Recipe - Step 11

With what to accompany tiger mussels

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