Prawn Carpaccio – VERY EASY Recipe (with tricks)

Prawn carpaccio is a very simple dish and ideal for an aperitif accompanied with some toast. Carpaccios can be made with many ingredients, such as meat, vegetables, fish, mushrooms … It is prepared by cutting the product in question into very thin slices, for which it is sometimes necessary to freeze it beforehand. Then, it is seasoned according to the ingredient. In this case, as it is seafood, the raw prawns or prawns do very well with lemon, since the juice allows them to cook these foods lightly.

If it is seafood, I advise you to freeze the product first for 48 hours to avoid problems related to anisakis. Then, let it thaw and proceed to prepare the recipe. So, keep reading and discover in Free Recipes how to make shrimp carpaccio.

4 diners
Low difficulty

Additional characteristics:
Medium cost, Popular in Spring-Summer, Cold

Ingredients to make Prawn Carpaccio:

How to make Shrimp Carpaccio:


Clean the prawns well, peel them and remove the strip from the center and the ugliest part. We are going to prepare a frozen shrimp carpaccio, but you could also make the cooked shrimp carpaccio. To do this, you will have to cook the prawns and also follow the following steps.

Prawn Carpaccio Recipe - Step 1


Take a sheet of plastic wrap that is long, place the prawns in the center in a circular shape and add a little fine salt.

Prawn Carpaccio Recipe - Step 2


Cover the prawns with the sheet of plastic wrap, as shown in the picture. To avoid cutting very thin sheets, we will share a very simple trick in the next step.

Prawn Carpaccio Recipe - Step 3


With a mallet or flat kitchen spatula, hit the prawns until an even thin layer remains. Use your hands to give it a circular shape and cover all the gaps. Put the shrimp carpaccio with the film in the freezer for 30 minutes or more.

Prawn Carpaccio Recipe - Step 4


In the meantime, prepare the dressing. To do this, pour a jet of oil into a bowl, squeeze a lemon, add the juice and beat to mix both ingredients. Cut some strips of chives and add them to the dressing.

Prawn Carpaccio Recipe - Step 5


When you go to serve it, Take out the frozen prawn carpaccio From the freezer, carefully remove the plastic wrap and place the carpaccio on a plate. Although it is frozen, being so thin it thaws immediately.

Prawn Carpaccio Recipe - Step 6


Distribute the dressing throughout the carpaccio, put it back in the fridge to catch the flavor of the dressing and get the prawn meat to cook with the lemon juice. When you go to serve it, chop a little more chives, add a few flakes of salt and a little pepper. If you want to give it another touch, you can add grated lemon or orange peel. And ready! You can now enjoy this incredible shrimp carpaccio.

Prawn Carpaccio Recipe - Step 7

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With what to accompany the shrimp carpaccio

If you prefer, you can make different versions of this delicious and simple carpaccio. For example, you can do prawn carpaccio with avocado cutting this fruit into slices as thin as possible; prawn carpaccio with foie grating it directly on top; prawn carpaccio with orange vinaigrette if you fancy a touch of different flavor; or prawn carpaccio with pistachios chopped.

On the other hand, you can prepare a green salad to accompany your carpaccio or other more complex preparations:

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