Squid in tomato and onion sauce

Squid are a highly appreciated ingredient in all dishes of Spanish gastronomy. Grilled, with garlic and parsley, stews, onions, stuffed … There are many excellent recipes that make squid an ingredient of guaranteed success.

To confirm it, in Free Recipes we bring you a squid recipe in tomato sauce quick, easy to make and delicious. It is one of those recipes that requires a good loaf of bread, so keep it reserved, put on your apron and discover how to make squid in tomato sauce. Let’s go with the recipe!

3 diners
Main dish
Low difficulty

Ingredients to make Squid in tomato sauce:

How to make squid in tomato sauce:


Peel and mince the onion and garlic. In a saucepan with olive oil, cook them over medium heat for about 4 minutes.

Squid Recipe in Tomato Sauce - Step 1


When they are golden, add the crushed tomato and a glass of white wine, although you can also use red wine. Let everything cook for about 10 minutes. Season the sauce. If you like the spicy touch, you can add a teaspoon of hot paprika.

Trick: For this recipe, you can also make the squid in fried tomato sauce if you have it at home.

Squid Recipe in Tomato Sauce - Step 2


Clean the squid well, if you have not already bought them clean. In a separate pot, brown them for 1 minute over high heat with a tablespoon of oil. Lower the heat.

Squid Recipe in Tomato Sauce - Step 3


Add the tomato sauce to the pot of the squid and mix well. Cook the whole set for a few minutes, add chopped parsley and you will have some delicious squid in tomato sauce ready. Don’t forget a good loaf of bread!

Squid Recipe in Tomato Sauce - Step 4

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With what to accompany the squid

Is squid recipe in tomato sauce It may well be a single dish, as well as an option among several dishes to share. If you opt for this last option, do not forget to see these recipes that can accompany them perfectly:

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