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Steamed mussels with lemon

23 mayo, 2021

The mussels are delicious and easy to prepare, a very healthy and nutritious authentic gastronomic delicacy. On this occasion, in Free Recipes we bring you a recipe for steamed mussels with lemon very simple, but with a lot of flavor. Anyway, if you want to add other flavors, later we will give you other options to prepare them.

The main thing about this recipe is that the mussels are as fresh as possible. Galician mussels, for example, are very good for this preparation; You can also use the rock ones that, although small, contain a lot of flavor. As you can find them all year round in the fishmongers, we invite you to prepare them whenever you like and discover with us how to steam mussels Step by Step.

4 diners
15 m
Very low difficulty

Additional characteristics:
Cheap cost

Ingredients to make steamed mussels:

How to make steamed mussels:


To make the steamed mussels, you must first clean them well. They are cleaned under the tap with water or in a bowl. With the help of a pointed knife, remove the hairs and beards, you can help yourself with a scouring pad to clean the mussel shells well.

Steamed Mussels Recipe - Step 1


Put a saucepan that has a lid on the fire with 3 tablespoons of water and bay leaf.

Steamed Mussels Recipe - Step 2


Add the cleaned mussels To the casserole. Put them to cook over high heat.

Steamed Mussels Recipe - Step 3


Cover and cook the mussels. It will take about 8-10 minutes, depending on how big they are. Let the mussels boil until they open completely. Discard those that have not been opened, as it means that they are bad. You will know that they are ready because you can see the orange color they take.

Steamed Mussels Recipe - Step 4


Once they are ready, turn off and remove the mussels. You can strain the broth and save it, so you can take advantage of it to add it to a paella or some fish sauce; it can also be frozen.

Trick: You do not need to add salt to the mussels.

Steamed Mussels Recipe - Step 5


Serve the steamed mussels in a platter. You can remove a part of the shell to make them look more appetizing and accompany them with lemon and parsley to accentuate their flavors.

Steamed Mussels Recipe - Step 6

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Steamed Mussels – Calories, Suggestions, and Other Recipes

Mussels are from the family of the bivalve mollusks. They are rich in vitamins C, phosphorus, omega 3, selenium, magnesium, and other minerals. With them we can prepare very varied recipes, such as appetizers, starters or accompaniments, as they are excellent and inexpensive.

In addition, they are very healthy and ideal for a weight loss diet, since they have only 70 calories per 100 grams. Steaming them is one of the healthiest ways to enjoy them.

Of course, if you like them with more flavor, you can add more ingredients. Can you do steamed mussels with white wine and let it evaporate during cooking. You can also prepare them with green sauce, make mussels in a spicy tomato sauce, or enjoy them with a rich splash of seafood. Another option is to use them to accompany fish dishes or seafood paellas.