5 curious facts you did not know about Oaxaca cheese

If Mexicans are asked about a cheese, the first to come to mind (and to our craving) is the Oaxaca cheese. And it is a delicacy! We love it melted in good quesadillas, in stuffed peppers or in delicious enchiladas.

Today we invite you to know 5 curious facts about your favorite cheese so that you can taste it even more.

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Curious facts about Oaxaca cheese

Where it appeared?

Panela cheese

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It is said that Oaxaca cheese emerged in 1885, whose invention is attributed to Leobarda Castellanos García, from Reyes Etla, Oaxaca.

At just 14 years old, Leobarda was in charge of producing cheese at home, and on one occasion she forgot to take care of the temperature of the curdled milk, causing it to overheat.

To avoid being scolded by her parents and to hide the mistake, she decided to add hot water to the overheated dough, causing it to melt and make the strands chewy.

Yes, you read that correctly: our beloved Oaxaca cheese was an accident, very fortuitous, by the way.

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“That is not Oaxaca cheese”!

grasshopper tlayuda

Traditional Oaxacan tlayuda, with jerky, grasshoppers, tomato, avocado, cheese and beans.

We already know that Oaxaca cheese comes from this beautiful state and that is why in many parts of Mexico it is known by this name.

However, if you go to Oaxaca, they will tell you that it is called quesillo, and that this is its only and true name.

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A very long cheese

chile stuffed with oaxaca cheese

Chile stuffed with Oaxaca cheese in brown sugar sauce.

A conventional ball of this cheese, if unrolled, reaches between 2 and 4 meters. Of course, this depends on the thickness of the strand.

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Oaxaca cheese production

Melted cheese with onion

In Mexico, more than 24 thousand tons are produced in a year, making it one of the most produced in the country. To give you an idea, with that amount they can make more than 300 million quesadillas!

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One of the most delicious in the world

mexican cheeses

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In the world there are more than 2 thousand varieties of cheeses. Of these, Oaxaca cheese is listed as one of the most delicious. In 2019 he was awarded the bronze in the World Cheese Awards, which rewards the richest, most consistent and of the best quality.

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