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5 practical tips to cook like a professional chef

29 mayo, 2021

Today is the International Chef’s Day, a very special date to cook our favorite recipes. Discover these tips to feel like a professional in your kitchen.

Surely this year you have discovered several new hobbies or tastes, and it is very likely that gastronomy is among these activities.

Preparing your own dishes or cooking for your loved ones is an action that requires dedication, love, patience and creativity and, with these elements, without a doubt, the result is always satisfactory.

Next, we share a series of tips so that you can cook like a professional chef from home and you can imitate the dishes of your favorite restaurant or create your own recipes.

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Tips for cooking like a professional chef

Choose fresh ingredients

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To obtain the expected result in your dish, you must choose the correct ingredients. We recommend opting for organic fruits and vegetables that have the least amount of pesticides.

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Consume local

Tips to go to the nearest supermarket and prevent infections

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In these times, it is important to support our community and the best way to do this is by consuming local products. In addition, small businesses tend to have much fresher products than large supermarket chains.

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Learn to optimize your times: every chef’s rule

Cloth gloves

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Typically, cooking tough vegetables or chicken is the step in recipes that takes the longest. Therefore, the ideal is to start with these processes so that while they are cooked, progress with other steps of the preparation of the dish.

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Use the right utensils

tips to have brighter pots

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Knives, pans, and boards are just some of the tools that chefs use every day.

For the final dishes to be as expected, you should use the best quality tools.

Blenders are a favorite of most chefs, as they are an easy-to-use tool in both restaurants and homes because you can create hot or cold mixes with smooth, uniform textures.

We recommend smart blenders, which give you more options to make different preparations and mixes. You will not regret!

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Let your chef imagination fly

cook as a couple

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Although there are a series of rules that chefs follow to facilitate their processes in the kitchen, the key to preparing the most delicious dishes is to enjoy their preparation.

Add a pinch of cinnamon, include some fruits or vegetables that you have never tried and involve your family so that your meals always have a special touch.

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