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Don’t go overboard with butter: learn how to use it correctly

29 mayo, 2021

The taste of the Butter It is one of the most delicious in the kitchen, isn’t it? We love spread on toasted bread, melted in popcorn, and as a topping on our pancakes. Is irresistible!

But of course, in order to really enjoy butter we must measure ourselves in its use so as not to affect our health. As long as we use it correctly, we can enjoy its flavor.

In addition, we have good news for you: beyond toast, you can add it in different recipes! Here we explain how you can include it to give your dishes other flavor and how to take care of its consumption. Take note!

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Tips for using butter in your dishes

So that when using butter in your recipes you get a good result, follow these tips:

  • Sometimes it is used as an ingredient to prepare sauces; if this is the case, melt the butter in a skillet over low heat, until it turns a light golden hue; but it is important that you do not let it boil.
  • If you want your baked cookies to be crunchy, use the cold butter.
  • To avoid burning and smoking when melted, add a teaspoon of vegetable oil to the pan.
  • When making a cake whose filling has a delicate flavor, use unsalted butter.
  • If you are going to beat it to make bread or a cake, take it out of the refrigerator a few hours before using it, since it is easier to handle when it is at room temperature.
how to use butter

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How to recognize good quality butters?

The better the quality of the butter, the healthier it will be. Here we share some tips so that you know how to choose it and take care of your health.

  • Be very careful with the labels that say “low in fat”, because they are not usually true. Check the nutritional value chart, which should indicate less than 0.5 grams of trans fat.
  • Ingredients are always listed in percentage order. If salt tops the list, it’s a sign that it’s high in sodium. This tip will also work for you to review other content that may be bad for your health, such as preservatives and fats.
  • Be careful with your portions! Experts indicate that if you only consume 1 tablespoon of butter with sodium per dish (approximately 4 servings) it is not harmful.

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