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How do you know if you should reuse the oil?

30 mayo, 2021

One of the big questions we have in the kitchen is whether we can reuse oil and how good or bad it can be for your health. Read on and discover what you can do if you want to save this ingredient in the kitchen.

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Should or should I not reuse the oil?

Sometimes, after frying something, the oil remains almost as it was at the beginning and we are left wondering if we should throw it away … The good news is that there is a way that you do not waste it and you can reuse it with other foods that you are going to fry.

Of course, not every time you can reuse it and you have to learn to identify whether or not you can do it.

A good trick to know if it can be reused is to fry a piece of white bread in it; If it becomes covered in dark spots, you will need to discard it.

Did you know that if there is a good amount of oil left over after frying fish, you can reuse it?

Do not waste it, because there is a way to ‘clean’ it: the first thing is to wait for it to cool completely; then it is emptied into another container and reheated with several slices of raw potato, over very low heat and for a few minutes. This will absorb the smells and flavors, and so you can take advantage of that oil.

Reuse the oil

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Why shouldn’t you reuse the oil if it’s burned?

Oil is a living product that degrades when entering high temperatures, so that its fatty acids become compounds that are very harmful to health. Among these are free radicals.

These are open bonds that have a great oxidative capacity on matter, which increase the risk of cancer, heart disorders and also problems in the immune system.

In addition, through the burned oil it is easier to consume toxic compounds to our body, which can affect our health in different ways.

Another reason for not reusing the oil is that it loses its moisturizing properties, which prevent the food from dehydrating while it cooks, so the food will be of poorer quality and will be noticeable in its texture and flavor.

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