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How to recognize a good quality cheese?

30 mayo, 2021

In these days we have seen that many of the cheese brands have just been banned by Profeco and the Ministry of Economy, which leaves us with a great doubt: how can we recognize a good quality cheese?

Today we share tips so you can choose a good cheese option for you and your family. Take note!

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Characteristics of a good quality cheese

Cheese is a solid food obtained by the ripening of the milk rennet after discarding the whey. Although this process is used for everyone, there are many types of cheese that are obtained according to the content of its paste, the origin of the milk with which it is made, the manufacturing method and the degree of parking.

The “good” bacteria are responsible for acidifying the milk and that define the texture and flavor of most cheeses. Of course, each of its varieties has its secrets to be a good quality cheese.

The cheeses are classified into hard, semi-hard, soft and mozzarella. Next, we share their main characteristics so that you learn to identify them:

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Hard cheeses

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They are those with the longest ripening time and are ideal for grating (provolone, cheddar, parmesan, cotija and grana, among others).

These must be of pronounced scarlet, of closed mass and also brittle.

Be very careful: it does not have to present eyes or cracks in its bark or inside. The crust must be thin and homogeneous in texture, dry and have oily films.

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Semi-hard: how to identify a good quality cheese

semi-hard cheeses

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Its texture is softer and slightly sweet, with a great variety on the market that can be divided between cheeses with eyes and without eyes (gouda, manchego, provolone, gruyere. Chihuahua, oaxaca, etc.)

To choose it, we can check its texture by applying light pressure. The characteristic eyes of these cheeses are round, well defined, shiny and evenly distributed.

On the other hand, if we want a cheese without eyes, with a milder flavor, we must pay attention to its smooth and homogeneous texture, and that it does not present cracks in its structure.

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soft cheeses

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They are creamy in texture and have a milder flavor, which makes them perfect to combine with many foods (brie, cream, fresh, fetta, spreadable, ricotta, panela, among others).

Cream cheese has added fat, which increases its creaminess. Of course, they must have a smooth texture, without cracks or eyes of any kind.

As for its color, it must be even throughout its structure or have darker edges.

In addition, it should not have whey, as the cheese should not be drained at any time.

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Mozzarella: characteristics of a good quality cheese


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They are spun pasta cheeses that are made by melting the proteins obtained during milk coagulation by temperature, with a mild flavor.

Among its quality characteristics. its flavor should be slightly acidic and of a homogeneous texture. Its color should be yellowish white, lighter than the color of butter.

As for its texture, it must be smooth, even and without cracks. They must not release oil and their aroma must be faint, nor have a strong or acid odor.

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