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How to use vinegar when cooking

29 mayo, 2021

Every kitchen does not lack a bottle of vinegar. This one has many uses outside of the kitchen, and it is also very useful when preparing different dishes.

Today we share how you can use vinegar when cooking to give your recipes a different and delicious touch. Take note and cook!

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Uses of vinegar when cooking

Vinegars used properly are intended to intensify the flavor of food. Check out these uses in the kitchen and enjoy a different flavor:

  • It is used as an ingredient in salad dressings, regularly combined with oil.
  • A few drops are enough to enrich the flavor of sauces and soups.
  • Bathing the fresh legumes prevents them from oxidizing and lasting longer.
  • With oil and spices, vinegar is essential for cold marinades of vegetables, fish and meats.
  • You can also make pickles, for example to make picles.
  • If you find that the beef has a bad smell, wash it with vinegar or let it sit to remove the unpleasant aroma.
  • In addition, it is ideal for washing and disinfecting vegetables. Just pour a cap in water and let the vegetables (already washed) rest for 20 minutes.

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Types of vinegar and their use

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Different types, different uses

Surely in your visit to the supermarket you will have noticed that there are many types of vinegar. Here we tell you the different types that there are so that you can make the best choice:

  • Distilled whites: it is made from sugar cane, corn or molasses and is almost transparent. It is excellent for making pickles or pickles.
  • Wine: it is similar to distilled white, but it has a more pleasant and less acidic flavor. It is ideal to enhance the flavor of meat and vegetable stews, as well as to add to sauces, such as mayonnaise.
  • Sherry vinegar: its flavor is fruity caramel, perfect for dressing salads, making marinades, fish and even desserts.
  • Rice: it is the characteristic vinegar to make sushi and an excellent flavoring of dishes, as it is very well mixed with aromatic herbs.
  • Modena: vinegar with less acidity but with a more accentuated flavor, which gives a sweet touch to dishes and a special flavor to desserts. It can also be used with strong meats such as lamb.
  • Apple: it is also known as cider vinegar and has a fruity character. Perfect to combine with fish, soft meats and light sauces.

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